Module 5

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5.1 steps362 is greater than 9 and 98 so divid 984 by 362. Place the first digit in the quetient in the hundredths place. Multiply 2 by 362 and plac the product under 984. Subtract.Bring down the tens digit. Divide 2606 by 362. Multiply 7 by 362 and pace the product under 2606. Subtract. Bring down the ones digit. Divide the ones.
5.2 stepsAlign the second,al points. Add zeros as place holders when necessary. Add from right to left. Use estimation to check that the answer is reasonable. Round each decimal to the nearest whole no.
5.30.3 * 0.5 = 0.15 There is 1 decimal place in 0.3 and 1 in 0.5. Together there are 2 decimal places.
5.4 stepsDivide using long division with whole numbers. Plac a decimal point in the quetient directly above the decimal point in th dividend.
5.5 stepsConvert the decimal to a fraction greater than 1. Multiply. Write the product in simplest form.