Module 2-Psych

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Define Phobia'sSevere anxiety or fear provoked by a specific exposure or event; FEAR translates into TERROR
GlossophobiaFear of public speaking (most common social phobia)
Tx for Social PhobiasBehavioral therapy, Propanolol (beta blocker)
What does Propanolol do?Slows everything down; dilates blood vessels; used frequently by performers before singing, acting etc.
AgoraphobiaFear of open spaces; (most limiting/debilitating of ALL phobias)
Tx for AgoraphobiaBehavioral therapy (exposure), SSRI's, Benzo's
Cognitive Behavioral TherapyCommonly uses therapeutic tool that combines both cognitive and behavior
Goal of CBTIdentify the negative patterns of the thought that leads to the emotion or fear
ABC's of Irrational EventsA: Activating Event, B: Belief, C: Consequence, Reframing

Panic Disorder/Panic Attacks

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Key FeaturePanic Attacks
Panic Attacksaka Acute Anxiety; Sudden onset of intense fear and feelings of "doom"; may occur as part of another anxiety disorder
S/S of Panic AttacksChest pain or pressure, SHOB, N/V, Hot Flashes, Tremors, Increased heart rate, Feeling like your going crazy or losing your mind
Tx for Panic Disorder/Panic AttacksBenzo's, SSRI's, Behavioral Therapy
Normal Anxietyan unpleasant vague sense of apprehension. Normally beneficial in dangerous situations

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

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GADassociated with severe distress different from other anxiety disorders in that there is pervasive cognitive dysfunction, impaired functioning, and poor health-related outcomes
Co-MorbiditiesRespiratory, CV, Neurological, Endocrine, Metabolic
High StressIncreases Cortisol (fight or flight); High sugar
Tx for GADIf medical condition causing GAD help to cope; If anxiety is general in nature try Buspar, SSRI's

Acute Stress Disorder

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Acute Stress DisorderAs a result of Witnessing gruesome events or deaths. Also, experiencing repeated ‘triggers’ of the event; can be precursor to PTSD
Examplefirst responders, police officers, military personnel
S/S of ASDIntrusive symptoms, Dissociative symptoms, Avoidance symptoms; By definition, acute stress disorder resolves within 1 month.
Tx for ASDdebriefing in stressful situations, Benzos for daytime anxiety, Sedative hypnotics for sleep, Meds-short term, Therapy

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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PTSDUsually occurs after a traumatic event outside the range of usual human experience; Major depression frequently occurs; If left untreated or undertreated, painful repercussions can result
S/S of PTSDFlashbacks, Avoidance of stimuli associated with trauma, Experience of persistent numbing of responses, Nightmares, Hyperarousal
Tx for PTSDCBT, SSRI's, Group Therapy, Family Therapy
Tx for nightmaresprazosin (Minipress)

Defense Mechanisms

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Dissociationdefense mechanism; subconscious mechanism that allows the mind to forget or remove self from memory (repressed memories)
Avoidancedefense mechanism; seen in patients with phobias or anxiety
Isolationdefense mechanism; feelings separated from experience; seen in patients with PTSD