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Question Answer
no tener abuelato be full of yourself
hacer la pelotato suck up
estar entre dos aguasto be torn, to be stuck in the middle, unable to decide
ser un buitreto be a greedy person who wants everything
rizar el rizoto make matters worse, to crown it off
estar sediento de + VERBOto be desperate to, to be keen to
estar en rojoto be left-wing inclined
cojear (en inglés)to not be very good (at English)
ir sobre la marchato go with the flow, to wait and see
ir de marchato go out on the down, to go clubbing
dormir a gustoto lie in


Question Answer
ir a mediasfor everyone to pay an equal amount
hacer la bola más grandeto make matters worse
quedarse en blancoto have a blank, to not be able to remember a thing
dar una pájara a alguiento deceive, swindle someone
ver las orejas al loboto foresee and immediate danger

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