Modern Philosophy - Hobbes

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What are the consequences that emerges from equality of abilities? -Equality of aspirations in the pursuit of ends.
-Others are viewed with distrust.
-All are in a constant pursuit for power
-Absolute security cannot be attained
Men attack others for the sake of what three goals? -conservation
What are the three main causes for quarreling in human nature? -competition
What is included in the definition of the state of war? -Act of fighting itself, loss of life
-Time to prepare for fighting
-Money to prepare for the fighting
What are the individual and collective consequences for always being in a state of war? -Individual:
(1) continual fear of violent death
(2) quality of life diminishes


(1) balance of power based only on readiness to fight doesn't bring security
(2) If not security, no culture, trade, production, society
Explain, when in the state of nature, the statement: "distinction between right and wrong coincides with my appetites." -No common power, personal will is the only law
-All wills are equal in this state, therefore, each man must follow his own will
What are the three passions that incline men to peace? -fear of death
-desire to obtain things necessary for better quality of life
-hope to get them via only industry (not war)
What are the three fundamental laws of nature? -Endeavor peace as long as there is hope of obtaining it.
-Lay down your right to all things and restrict your own liberty against others. (Golden Rule)
-Perform covenants made.