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Question Answer Column 3
Modal Verb Expressing Example
must Strong obligation You must stop when the traffic lights turn red.
must logical conclusion / Certainty He must be very tired. He's been working all day long.
must not prohibition You must not smoke in the hospital.
can ability I can swim.
canpermission Can I use your phone please?
canpossibility Smoking can cause cancer.
could ability in the past When I was younger I could run fast.
couldpolite permission Excuse me, could I just say something?
couldpossibility It could rain tomorrow!
may permission May I use your phone please?
maypossibility, probability It may rain tomorrow!
might polite permission Might I suggest an idea?
mightpossibility, probability I might go on holiday to Australia next year.
need not lack of necessity/absence of obligation I need not buy tomatoes. There are plenty of tomatoes in the fridge.
should/ought to 50 % obligation I should / ought to see a doctor. I have a terrible headache.
should/ought to advice You should / ought to revise your lessons
should /ought tological conclusion He should / ought to be very tired. He's been working all day long.
had better advice You 'd better revise your lessons
wouldwish, request (more polite than will) Would you shut the door, please?
wouldhabits in the past Sometimes he would bring me some flowers.
mightpossibility (less possible than may) * It might rain today.
mighthesitant offer * Might I help you?