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How was NRBP1 identifiedScreened for enhancers of RAS (let60) ( 60% MUV elevated to 90% MUV in knockouts)
How was role of NRBP1 confirmedKnockdown in cell cutlure enhancer Ras mediated transformation (shRNA) and floxing following Radiation causes reduced sruvivl
What Ras tumours model malignancyv12D Overexpress benign GFP marked. Modifiers which allow growth outside of the larval midbrian.
What genes cause malignant neoplastic diseaseBrats lgl and prospero
What were problems with classical tansgenic miceTissue specific promoter- dependancy on differentaited state, Induced in all cells of a tissue, from birth- compensation ie Rb -
what is weird abut oncogenes in micecause different tumour types ie APC in large a/o small intestine and RB in Pituitary a/o Reitn, p53 in Lymphoma a/o Caricnomas
What is the evidence that inducible systems are betterThey can effevtively model Ras ! by Myc in NSCLC
Shortcomings of micetumour evolution rate- molecular difference ie telemore mainantence, mice - 100.000 Z less TS
What are other problems with miceCotnrols difficult- strictly regulated and minimised, mainteance and disease spread
What are the two principle goals of Mouse modelling1) model human disease in an experimentally tractable system 2) Investigate oncogenic processes
What do we need for faithful facisimile Sporadic inti, Gradual acc of mutations
What is a big discrepanct b/w mouse and humancsRas attenutated by p53 in mice, and RB in humans
Problems with culture-enofrces Warburg metabollism x include 50%+ stromal cells

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