Modalities Settings - Estim for Rehab

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Re-strengthening: pulse duration *small muscles150-200us
Re-strengthening: pulse duration *large muscles200-350us
Re-strengthening: pulse frequency35-80 Hz
Re-strengthening: On:Off times/ratio1:5 ratio; 6-10s on, 30-50s off
Re-strengthening: ramp timeat least 2s
Re-strengthening: treatment time10-20 reps; ~10-20 mins
Re-strengthening: amplitude *Injured tissuesto 10% MVC
Re-strengthening: amplitude *uninjured tissuesto 50% MVC

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Re-education: pulse duration *small muscles150-200us
Re-education: pulse duration *large muscles200-350us
Re-education: pulse frequency50 Hz
Re-education: On:Off time and ratiosufficient for activity
Re-education: ramp time at least 2s
Re-education: treatment timesufficient for activity
Re-education: amplitudesufficient for activity

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Spasm reduction: pulse duration *small muscles150-200us
Spasm reduction: pulse duration *large muscles200-350us
Spasm reduction: pulse frequency50 Hz
Spasm reduction: on:off ratio and time1:1; 2-5s on, 2-5s off
Spasm reduction: ramp timeat least 1 s
Spasm reduction: treatment time10-30 mins
Spasm reduction: amplitudeto visible contraction

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Edema control: pulse duration *small muscles150-200us
Edema control: pulse duration *large muscles200-350us
Edema control: pulse frequency50 Hz
Edema control: on:off ratio and time1:1; 2-5s on, 2-5s off
Edema control: ramp timeat lease 1s
Edema control: treatment time30 mins
Edema control: amplitudeto visible contraction