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Paget's leads toHigh alkaline phosphatase
Malignancy leads toHigh ESR (over 100)
Osteomalacia leads toLow calcium, high alkaline phosphatase, high PTH
Gout leads toTophi, high uric acid, hallux issues
Reactive Arthritis leads toCan't see, can't pee, can't dance with me
Scleroderma leads toTelangictasia, Raynaud's, calcium deposits, painful fingers/toes
Scleroderma lab testAnti Sc-70
Polymyalgia Rheumatica leads toShoulder, Hip, back pain, Temporal Arteritis (inflamed temporal arteries)
Dermatomyositis lab testAnti Jo-1
Dermatomyositis leads toElevated creatine kinase, Swelling around eyes
Multiple sclerosis lab testCSF Oligoclonal banding on electrophoresis
Multiple sclerosis leads toHigh CSF protein, muscle weakness, blurred vision
Myasthesia Gravis lab testSerum Anti Aceytl-choline receptor antibodies
Myasthesia Gravis leads togeneralized weakness, weakness upon repetition
Breast Cancer leads tohigh serum calcium due to mets to bone
Liver Cirhossis leads toHigh creatine kinase, low hemoglobin, low WBC
Alcoholism leads toHigh creatine kinase
Hypothyroidism leads tooverweight, lazy, tired, low free Thyroxine
Hypokalemia leads toMuscle cramping during exercise
Diabetes lab testBlood glucose
Diabetes leads tooptic disc swelling, sluggish response to commands
Bacterial meningitis leads toStiff neck, intolerant to bright lights
Stroke or TIA lab testPlasma D-dimer
Iron deficiency lab testSerum Ferritin (vegetarians higher risk)
Alpha Thalassemia leads toYellow Sclera. Big Spleen. Big Liver. Low hemoglogin. Low alpha side of alpha/beta
Impaired liver function leads toabdominal ascites, fever, swollen legs
Macrolytic anemia leads toLow B12. Fatigue, Loss of sensation, coldness
Aplastic anemia leads toirritability, palpitations, dizziness
Hemochromatosis leads toweakness, lassitude, weight loss, HIGH IRON
Polycythemica leads tosevere itching after hot shower/bath, tinnitus, dizziness
Mono leads toSwollen lymph nodes and spleen. Tiredness.
Vitamin K deficiency leads topoor clotting, increased prothrombin time
Pemphigus Vulgaris leads toincreased Alk Phos, decreased albumin , blister on skin and in mouth, rectal bleeding and erratic bowel movements
Pemphigus vulgaris lab testPemphigus anti-bodies
Gray skin, think of what organ:Kidney
Thin hair may indicate what diseasethyroid
Serum creatinine is good to screen for:kidney failure
Protein in urine, weight loss, pale, think of:malignancy
Doping with EPO will increase:reticulocytes
Doping with your own blood will increase:erythrocytes
Dolomite Calcium pills can can cause what kind of poisoning:Lead
Symptoms of lead poisoning:abdominal pain, anemia, mood changes
Brown urine, think of:myoglobin
PTH production requires:Magnesium
ESR is a marker for:inflammation
Damage muscle will take up:Calcium, leading to reduced blood calcium
Damaged muscle will release:Creatine Kinase
Rheumatoid Arthritis lab tests:Rheumatoid Factor
Ankylosing Spondylitis lab tests:HLA-B27
Reiter's lab tests:STF or GI Bacteria
Low calcium can show as muscle:tetany
Malar rash, photosensitivity, raynauds, alopecia, cardio/pulmonary/CNS leads to:SLE
Symmetrical small joints inflamed lead to:RA
Dermatomyositis signs and symptoms:heliotrope rash, muscle pain, proximal weakness
Anti-RNP (high titre >1000) indicates:Mixed connective tissue
Salmonella may also be the cause ofReactive Arthritis
Dermatomyositis and Polymyositis are a disease of:Collagen
Heat, collapsing in maraton, brown urine. Why is the urine brown?Myoglobin
Wilson's disease lab testsserum/urine copper increase
Wilson's disease leads toCirrhosis in a teenager
Syphillis lab testsVDRL, RPR, FTA, Antibodies all increased

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