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Radiation Safety

Question Answer
Supra-linearity theorylow dose range is a high risk/dose ration (high curve)
Linear no-threshold theorysame risk/dose throughout
Linear quadratic theoryhigh dose range is a high risk/dose ratio (curve C)
Radiation horses theorysome amount of radiation is good and unharmful
ALARA stands foras low as reasonably achievable
Absorbed dose unitrad / Gray
Exposure unitroentgen / Coulombs
Dose equivalent unitrem / Sievert
Whole body limit5 rem
Lens of eye limit15 rem
Extremities limit50 rem
1 mSv = 100 mrem
Question Answer
Annual dose to public frequent limit0.1 rem (100 mrem)
Annual dose to public infrequent limit0.5 rem (500 mrem)
Dose to embryo-fetus0.5 rem (500 mrem) over pregnancy
Roentgen measuresamount of gamma or X-ray in the AIR
Rad measuresabsorbed energy from radiation (rad therapy)
Rem measuresbiological damage from radiation (badge monitoring)
1 Ci =3.7x10^10 dps
1 Bq =1 dps
1 mCi =37 MBq
1 Sv =100 rem
1 Gy =100 rads
Non-agreement states report toNRC
Agreement states report toState health departments
Specific exposure rate constantmR/hr * m^2 / mCi
Half-value layer isthickness of an absorber required to attenuate or remove 50% of the incident radiation beam intensity
Survey meter limit2 mR/hr
Removable contamination limit6600 dpm/300 cm^2 on exterior surface
White I surface limit0.5 mR/hr
White I one meter limitbackground
Yellow II surface limit50 mR/hr
Yellow II one meter limit1.0 mR/hr
Yellow III surface limit200 mR/hr
Yellow III one meter limit10 mR/hr

Nuclear Medicine Math

Question Answer
1 Ci =2.22x10^12 dpm
1 Bq =1 dps
1 Ci =3.7x10^10 dps
1 dps =60 dpm
Micro (u)10^-6
Kilo (k)10^3
Mega (M)10^6
Milli (m)10^-3
C =A/V
V1C1 =V2C2
MDA =3SQRT(bkg/t) / eff
Efficiency =cpm/dpm
% Resolution =FWHM/photopeak channel