MOA of drugs

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Question Answer
thiazide diureticsinhibits sodium chloride symporter in distal convulated tubule
ace inhibitorblocks ACE enzyme, blocks conversion of angiotensin 1 to angiotensin 2
ARBscompetitive inhibition of angiotensin type 1 reactions
DHP CCBsblocks L type high voltage calcium in vascular smooth--> peripheral/coronary vasodilation
NON-DHP CCBsblocks l-type high boltage calcium channel in cardiac--> coronary vasodilation and have iontropic/chronotropic effects
beta blockersnegative chronotropic + ionotropic effects, reduce CO; suppress renin release
aldosterone antagonistscompetitively inhibit binding of aldosterone to mineralcorticoid receptor reduces sodium and water increases potassium
direct renin inhibitorpotent inhibitor of renin
alpha 1 blockerinhibit peripheral post synaptic alpha 1 receptors lead to vasodilation
direct arterial vasodilatordirect vasodilation of arterioles via increases intraceullar camp
central alpha 2 agonistssuppresses outflow of sympathetic nervous system activity from brain by stimulating alpha 2 agonists leads to changes in BP and HR

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