vivianne's version from 2015-05-05 23:21


So you are “all of humanity”? You are not what I expected you’d look like.


I’m told I only have two minutes with you. To talk some sense into you. And I appreciate your time. I'm told the opportunity to address you comes but once in a lifetime … No pressure, haha.


It’s just … ok, you may not like this … WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!?


Really! Seriously! You are incredibly bright and capable. You put a man on the moon, created an international space station, flew a rover to mars! You are on your way to growing up, becoming independent! But you seem distracted to me.


Don't you want to be able to live on your own someday? Get your own little place out in the cosmos? That’s how you’re going to survive long term, right? You’re certainly smart enough to do it. But you’re distracted.


And you sure are angry a lot. Like my nephew, he's always fighting with his sister, or anticipating a fight with her, or coming up with great ways to one-up her. He loves drama, he loves conflict.


You frustrate me, humanity. Because you have all the knowledge to take care of yourself, but you don't apply it. Sure, you have small areas, tiny pockets of health, vitality. But overall, just look at you! You’re mostly underfed, malnourished, physically unfit, under-educated. Those numbers don't lie, buddy.


Right now, your parents' house is well stocked and you can use the resources there to mature. To study and learn those real numbers and make something of yourself. There's enough so you can nourish all of yourself. But not if you keep multiplying like you've been - please keep those hormones in check. Like I tell my nephew, there will be plenty of time for dating when you go off to college.


Oh no. I hear my snooze alarm going off. I guess this is it, my two minutes is up. I hope this is all sinking in because ... I’m going to wake up in a second.


Bottom line, you may not have the time you think you have. A rock could fall out of the sky. You could catch a bad cold. Or have really bad weather ... bad things can happen. Use every moment. No more distractions, cut out the fighting and the games. Get serious. Pull yourself together. Focus. Prepare to move out of your parent's house.


Grow up, Humanity. Please. Grow up.