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Leigh syndromelactic acidosis; epilepsy/EOM abnormalities; Increased T2 in Putamen; Gag/Vomit; hyperventilation or apnea/hypotonic
Kearns Sayre syndrome (KSS)Associate KiSS with “love is blind.” Because love is blind, deaf (sensorineural hearing loss), crazy (dementia), you’ll need to KiSS the short (short stature) Pig (pigmentary retinopathy) in the end(endocrine abnormality) or else you’ll break his heart (heart block)
Parder williPrader has no father (paternal chromosome is deleted) while AngelMan has no AngelMama. An example of genomic imprinting (Ch 15 on either mom or dad)
Pelizaeus-Merzbacher diseasePLEAZ keep your EYES open for the ROVING TIGER! Anyone who reads the sign at the zoo will nod their head in agreement. (roving eye movments, head tremor/nodding, later optic atrophy with spastcicity). Get tigroid appearance of symmetric demyelination on MRI
at 36 monthscan draw a circle (360 degrees)
At age 12can draw a cube that is made of 12 lines
7 yrs oldat 7 years old, can name 7 days of week and draw a diamond (top of diamond looks like 7)
AbetalipoproteinemiaBASSEN-K. B apolipoprotein is deficient; Acanthocytosis/ataxia/areflexia/VitA def; Steatorrhea; Sensory loss (vib/proprio)/spinocerebellar degen; eye findings (RP)/Vit E def; Neuropathy
The genes for EA2, FHM and SCA are the same Ca Ch defect and the chromosomeHave a FEAST on route A1A for 19 people! FHM1, EA2, SCA6 on CACNA1A on chromosome 19p
FAGAA repeat is Gait Ataxia and arrhythmia; frataxin gene; pes cavus; get upgoing toes with hyporeflexia and impaired proprioception. Begins in puberty
Machado-Joseph Disease/SCA3Joseph’s Macho 3 Children And Grandparents (CAG repeat) were told REPEATEDLY not to eat the bad nuts but the Ate The Xtra Nuts (ATXN3) and now have tongue atrophy, bulging eyes, and facial fasciuculations. May have levodopra responsive parkinsonism.
Vincristine=sensory and motor neuropathy.No S and M mnemonics, one day we will get vindicated
Taxol causes peripheral neuropathy with painful dysesthesiasTaxes are painful


Cyclophosphamide can make you go psycho due to SIADH
Hu (hugh Hef) kneu (neuroblastoma) that Pretty (Prostate ca) women Crush (cerebellar degneration) men
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directCinnamoncandygreat intaste (Cortex->caudate/putamen->GPi->Thal) -> cortex
indirectCinnamoncandygreat excitement and supergreatintaste (Cortex -> caudate/putamen ->GPe->STN->Gpi->thal)
Neuroblastoma and 2 houses on North Beach2 cats in yard (HVA and VMA catechol); 2 houses in North Beach (sympathetic chain/aorta and adrenal medulla); 2 age groups (adults Anti-Ri; children with dancing eyes/feet); 2 markers (Neuro-N and synaptophysin); Chromosome 2
mnemonic for remembering nerves, compartments and muscles of legsFrequently Asked Questions, Obviously Merit Graceful Answers, To Please Some Fine Folks. FAQ (Femoral, Anterior compartment, Quadricep muscles); OMGA (Obturator nerve, Medial compartment, Gracilis/Adductor muscles); TPSFF (Tibial nerve, Posterior Compartment, Soleus/Foot Flexor muscles)
RefsumsRetinitis pigmentosa/Ears--can’t hear/Fytanic acid/Smell is poor/Unsteady Gait/Myelin (demyelinating, large fiber
Horner’s and dissections.CCA=PAMHorner is a common name (all 3); ECA dissection, Anhydrosis alone. Ann Horner is Alone outside (ECA is only anhydrosis). PM Horner is Pretty Mad to be stuck inside but tells everyone its no sweat (spares facial sweat glands)
hyperkalemic periodic paralysisHyper Kid who is less than 10 years old (<10 y o) but thinks he’s 17 quickly (Ch 17Q), and is Super Crazy Nuts 4 Another (SCN4A) carb load after he exercises (treatment is eating carbs and exercise)
Mnemonic for Tarui's vs Mcardle diseaseGeorge Takei (Tarui) did not have a second wind in his career whereas Mc ARnold schwarzenegger (McArdles) did.
Tarui is exercise intolerance with myoglobinuria, PFK deficiency