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cherry red fovea w/pale funduscentral retinal a. occlusion
congested, tortuous veins; retinal hemorrhages; and cotton wool spots, pt p/w abrupt monocular vision loss lasting 2-4 hours central retinal v occlusion
pap screening guidelinesstart at age 21, screen every 2-3 years (depending on society guideline you follow) until age 30. then perform pap + hpv and if ok extend to every 5y OR pap q3y alone until age 65ish
vertigo physical exam things raising suspicion for central origin dix hallpike maneuver producing nystagmus immediately that does not fatigue and is prolonged >1min
screening for lipids guidelinesAll men ≥35 years of age; consider in men 20-35 years of age with increased cardiovascular risk. Women ≥45 years of age with increased cardiovascular risk; consider in women 20-45 years of age with increased cardiovascular risk.
screening guidelines breast cancerBiennial screening mammography for average-risk women 50-74 years of age; initiation of screening between 40 and 49 years of age should be individualized.
when to give pneumococcalfor those 65y + (no booster needed after that) OR for those less than age 65 with risk factors (lung dz, HIV, immunocomp, ckd)
HPV vaccine recsboth girls/boys age 11-26
meningococcus recsUnvaccinated adults living in college dormitories or who are in the military should receive a single dose, whereas those with asplenia, complement deficiencies, or HIV infection should receive two doses
hep A vaccine in liver pts?no need to give to pts w/chronic hep b or c with normal LFTs, otherwise give to all liver pts
contraindications for Chantix ?cardiovasc dz, CKD/ESRD, those with psychiatric symptoms (psychosis etc)