MJ Words For Final Test

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Question Answer
big businessvery profitable; many businesses are doing this
worldwidearound the world
passionenthusiasm; earnestness; devotion
intellectual horizonslimits of thought; the mind
benefitto get help or profit; to be helpful or profitable
intensivelydeeply; continuously; all the time; without a break
Can I give you a lift?Do you need a ride (in the car)?
You've got itYou understand what I'm saying
I just don't get itI don't understand the reason for this
I can't wait toI really want to
get aheadto get a good job; to be successful
contaminateto make unclean; to pollute
acid rainrain polluted by chemicals
exhaustedrun out; used up; finished
extinctdead; no longer in existence; wiped out
fossil fuelsfuels made from ancient plants or animals
climate changethe change in annual weather, due to global warming
I'm fed upI've had enough, I've had too much
take the good with the badto accept bad things along with good things
go on aboutto keep talking about
turn a blind eye toto pretend not to notice
theraphymedical treatment of a disease or illness
creativeartistic; inventive; original
social skillsmethods for relating to other people
releaseto let go; to free
healing propertiesabilities to heal illnesses and solve problems
higher-order thinkingproblem-solving, critical thinking, deduction, etc
neglectto ignore; to dismiss; to pass over
significantlyextremely; greatly; notably
It's not his cup of teaHe doeasn't like this sort of thing, It's not his style
money-crazymad for money; money is all people think about
coloniesareas that are controlled by a country that is far away
colonistspeople who live in country
slavesomeone who is forced to work for that person without pay
autobiographyself-life story
retirednot working anymore
theorythinking, idea
lightning roda metal pole that keeps a buildiing safe in a storm
Do you hear the people sing?speaks their mind. (songs for freedom protest)
quality of lifeliving standard
unitingjoining together
exceptionsunlike most(people)
boycottrefuse to buy something
I will still riseI won't give up
protestto express strong disagreement

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