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Right common carotid begins at the level ofsternoclavicular articulation
The common carotid arteries terminate at the level of the superior border of they thyroid cartilage
Just behind the medal border of the corachobrachialis muscle is the anatomical guide for the _____arteryaxillary
The femoral artery originates at a point behind the center of the inguinal ligament and terminates at the opening of the______muscleadductor magnus

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The passage of arterial solution from capillaries into the intercellular space is referred to as...osmosis; diffusion; dialysis; distributiondiffusion
what blood vessel is the origin of the popliteal artery femoral artery
There is an immediate danger to health and life if exposed to formaldehyde levels above...1; 100; 25; 5100 ppm
The hardening agent in hardening compounds...paraformaldehyde; paster of paris; alum; wood shavingsplaster of paris
Postmortem staining is an extravascular change in the color of tissues due to...autolysis; hemolysis; lipolysis; hypostasishemolysis
In cases where death is accompanied by high feverdrainage is an issue due to blood viscosity
discolration considered most permanant...postmortem intra; antemortem intra; postmortem extra; livor mortispostmortem extra

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What is NOT a component of hardening compoundsphenol
What is an example of an antemortem extravascular blood discoloration...hematoma; post mortem stain; livor mortis; carbon monoxide discolorationhematoma
Complete cellular death always_______somatic deathfollows
Death beginning by failure of one of the vital organssomatic death
What is an example of an antemortem extravascular blood capillary congestion; passive capillary congestion; ecchymosis; carbon minoxideecchymosis

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which of the following arteries begins at the level of 2nd costal cartilage...left common carotid; right common carotid; right axillary; left brachialleft common carotid
The injection pressure which just overcomes the vascular resistance and causes the embalming fluid to enter the arterial system at a moderate and uniform rate...differential; ideal; actual; potentialideal
The procedure of disinfection following the embalming process to protect the environment would most approprietly apply to whihc of the follwoing...secondary; personal; concurrent; terminalsecondary disinfection
an embalming instrument used to hypodermically inject areas of the body with embalming chemicals is ahypo-valve trocar
death beginning at the braincoma

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which of the following conditions would predispose a body to rapid decomp...dehydration; peritonitis; refrigeration; hemorrhageperiotnitis
example of antermortem intravascular blood discoloration...cadaveric lividity; carbon monoxide; petechia; ecchymosiscarbon monoxide
which of the following is an example of a perfuming agent...methyl salicate; sodium lauryl sulfate; sodium citrate; methy mercaptanmethyl salicylate
what is the purpose of ponceuait will impart a color change
incision into a vessel that is parallel to the long axis of a blood vessel is the...transverse; triangular; longitudal; perpendicularlongitudal

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what type of anticoagulant will breakup clots by causing the mineral particles of the blood fall out of suspension...sequestering agent; precipitant; surface active agent; furfactantprecipitant
which of the following causes a post-mortem extravascular blood discoloration...hemoglobin decomp; carbon monoxide poison; active capillary congestion; ecchymosishemoglobin decomp
which of the following would not effect rate of flow...partially close stop cock; use smaller tube; adjust ROF knob; adust pressure knobadjust pressure knob
what factors is not encountered in every body...extrinsic; intrinsic; intravascualr; extravascularextravascular
what is example of pre embalming chemical change in a body...imbibition; dehydration; algor mortis; postmortem caloricitypostmortem caloricity

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what tpe of death begins in any one of the vital organs...cellular death; biological death; somatic death; clinical deathsomaric death
what muscle acts as the anatomical guide for ext iliac...adductor longus; gastronemiius; soleus; psoas majorpsoas major
accurate description of petechiaante mortem extravascular blood discoloration
what embaling fluid produces mass disinfection and preservation w/o causing change is skin texture...primary injection; cavity fluid; semi-harden; co-injectionsemi-hardening arterial fluid
which of following is not artery charcteristic...three tunics; cream colored; deep seated in body; collapse when cutcollapse when cut

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what contributes to skin slipputrefaction of body tissues
what temp is best for growth and reproduction of bacteria...p8.6C; 32.0F; 120.0F; 37C37 C
not purpose of massage creamretard coagulation of protein
embalming body with infectious disease when to cavity embalm...right after vascular embalm; no sooner than 8 hours; prior to arterial injection; prior to somatic deathafter arterial injection
how can extravascular discolaration be dealth with during embalming process...normal venous drainage; bleaching agent in fluid; add anticoagulant in fluid; injection of primary dilution fluidadding a bleaching agent