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Vitamin C is L ascorbic acidT
Scavenges free oxygen radicalsT
Absorbs UVA and UVB by itselfF - in conjunction with Vitamin E
Protects vitamin E from degradationT
Important co-factor for stable collagen and cross linking of collagenT
Adding zinc and tyrosine reduces BAF, increases BA - 20 times
Used in photoagingT
Adverse effects last for long periodsF - only for the first 2 months
Sunscreens can be applied immediately afterF, 30 minutes after

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a tocopherol is the least physiologically active isomer of Vitamin EF, most
Free radical scavengerT
HydrophilicF, lipid soluble
Effective in reducing erythema and in photoprotectionT
Okay to apply to woundsF - may inhibit clotting

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Selenium is a co-factor for glutathione peroxidase and thioredoxin reductaseT
Increases MED T
Doesn't have any protection for UV induced erythema or skin cancerF, it does

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Zinc may replace harmful redox active entities such as Fe and CuT
May reduce synthesis of metallothioeneinF - induces it. It is a free radical scavenger important in heavy metal detox
May be photoprotectiveT
May improve melasmaT

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ALCL3 is available in 12% onlyF, also 20%
Irreversibly inhibits eccrine gland secretion by obstructing eccrine pores and inducing transient secretory cell atrophyF, reversible inhibition
Creates low grade generation of thrombinT- followed by activation of XI to XIa
12% formulation used for haemostasisF, 20%
AlCL3 is better than Monsel's as it does not leave an iron residueT - doesn't create a tattoo
ALCL3 is better than cautery as it doesn't cause scarringT
Not used for hyperhyidrosisT
Can be used for the prevention of foot blistersT
ICD, burning, stinging are commonF, uncommon
Cautery can be applied directly afterF - is flammable. Needs to dry first

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Ferric subsulfate is a variant of Monsel'sF, is Monsel's solution
Coagulated protein seals small blood vesselsT
Used for haemostasisT
Can cause hyper pigmentation and iatrogenic tattooingT
Excision biopsies to areas look like tattoosF - like MM or AFX
Commonly usedF

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Topical Vitamin K reduces bruising and purpura post procedureT
Significant AEF, neglible

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Minoxidil is available in 2% and 5% T
Decreases duration of anagenF, increases
Enlarges vellus hairs to terminal hairsT
ATP sensitive Na channel openerF, K
Inhibits VEGFF, stimulates it. It is a proposed promoter of hair growth
Stimulates prostaglandin in the dermal papillaeT
Should be given BD indefinetlyT
Solution more appealing than foamF, other way around
2% more effective than 5%F, other way around
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