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Threatened miscarriage- painless vaginal bleeding occurring before 24 weeks, but typically occurs at 6 - 9 weeks
- the bleeding is often less than menstruation
- cervical os is closed
- complicates up to 25% of all pregnancies
Missed (delayed) miscarriage- a gestational sac which contains a dead fetus before 20 weeks without the symptoms of expulsion
- mother may have light vaginal bleeding / discharge and the symptoms of pregnancy which disappear. Pain is not usually a feature
- cervical os is closed
- when the gestational sac is > 25 mm and no embryonic/fetal part can be seen it is sometimes described as a 'blighted ovum' or 'anembryonic pregnancy'
inevitable miscarriage- heavy bleeding with clots and pain
- cervical os is open
Incomplete miscarriage- not all products of conception have been expelled
- pain and vaginal bleeding
- cervical os is open