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What was the nature of the KnoydartianTwo phases of metamorphism and deformation affecting the moine supergroup
Dalradian supergroup techtonic settingRift - divergent plate boundary
Dalradian main groups Grampian, Appin, Argyll, Southern highlands
Grampian orogeny techtonic setting and timeIsland arc subduction zone - 475-460
Age southern uplands Ordovicain-Silurian
Scandian orogeny techtonic setting, age and which group it affected and active faults convergent plate bondary, 435-425 affected moine, great glen fault and highland boundary fault active at the time
plate techtonic setting of england and wales in neoproterozoicSubduction zone to north
What is the Charnian supergroup famous forEdiacaran fossils
Oceans around england during cambrian - end silurian iapetus ocean, rheic ocean, tournquist sea
Time of primary igneous activity occured in Scottish Caledonies Early Caradoc
palaeogeographic changes to england and wales during pridoliwent from marine to non-marine. sea levels fell globally, increased sediment supply. decrease marine basin subsidence
oldest land plants ordovician spores
non-primative plants late silurian
forests mid devonian
tetrapods mid devonian
reptilesmid carboniferous
Timing of the mass extinction in devonian and causefamennian/frasnian boundary - caused by volcanic eruptions pumping large amounts of co2 and so2 into the atmosphere
When was the gondwana glaciationthroughout upper cretaceous and lower permian
devonian-carbonierous techtonic setting sinistal transtension
how was rhnie chert and whats significant about itformed around hotsprings - preserved fossils
Acadian orogeny techtonic setting and ageshortening subduction zone - 405Ma
Tectonic setting of dinantian units faults over batholith
Causes of cyclicity observed in mid-to-late carboniferoussea level change and regional subsidence
Significance of Scottish dinantians Romers gap - critical point in tetropod evolution
Dominant lithology of the millstone grit fluvial sandstone conglomerates
why is carboniferous sediments sparse in britainregional uplift occurred and climate became increasingly arid
When did Pangae form?late carboniferous in variscan orgoeny
devonian-carboniferous tectonic setting of SW England subduction zone - closing rheic ocean
Timings of the Varican orogeny Late Devonian to early Permian
4 stages of Variscan orogeny Brentonian event - dextral transpression. Sudentian - folding and thrusting. Asturian - folding and thrusting. Final stage - extenional collapse
When was subduction under england and wales initiated Late Tremadocian
When was the cornubian batholith emplaces End of the Variscan - Early Permian
What is associated with the cornubian batholith Copper-tin mineralisation
What did the Variscan orogeny cause in central englandreactivation of fold faults
When did the North Sea basin start to form Late Permian
When were evaporite deposits in zechstein sea deposited Late Permian
What is the age of the Cheshire Basin Triassic age
Deposition of sherwood sandstones Late Anisian
Deposition of mercia mudstone group Late Norian
When did sea floor spreading in central Atlantic occur mid Jurassic
What does British rock records in the jurassic transgression
What was uplift in mid jurassic caused by doming in central north sea
What are the wealden units famous for fossils - iganodon
When were the 3 main periods of transgression in the cretaceous Early Aptian, Early Albian, Start of the Cenomanian
What is PETM and how was it triggeredPalaeocene-eocene thermal maximum - triggered by uplift of continents
What triggered development of ice sheets on Antarctica sea floor spreading between Greenland and NW Europe
When did the first grasses first appear Late Cretaceous
When did savahas appear Miocene
What was the techtonic setting of hebridean part of thulean proinvceMantle plume
What is chalk-with-flint ramnie deposits - dark brown to red brown clays with abundant flint nodules
what is basin inversion relative uplift of a sedimentary basin caused by fault reactivation
When was the weald anticline produced During the Alpine orogeny
Why are miocene deposits rare Renewed uplift - more weathering, less deposition
After the Middle Pleistocene transition how long were warming phases compared to cooling phases warming phases much shorter than cooling phases
delta in north sea in plieocene Eridanos delta
palaeoenvironment during MIS3 tree-less, herb rich grassland
heinrich event periods of ice rafted debiris influx in the north atlantic sedimemt core attribted to collapse of laurentide and/or eurasian ice sheets
dansgaard-oeschger event recurring variations in strength of the Atlantic ocean circulation system every 15,000 years
what was the intensely humid period in the triassic? Carnian pluvial event

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