Misc. AP Music Theory Terms

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Section 1

Question Answer
Parallel MinorA to a (same tonic)
Relative Minora to C (same number of sharps and flats)
Albertibassarpeggiated triads repeatedly
SyllabicOne syllable per note
Phrygian Half CadenceIV6-V
MellasmaticPassage containing melisma, which is singing one syllable over many pitches
TurnNon chordal embellishing tone that is like a trill but with a specific melody
Countermelodyembellishments to melody, one is retained
TextureHow instruments/voices work together

Section 2

Question Answer
Heterophonysame melody being played and changed at the same time by all instruments
Imitative PolyphonySeveral different melodies at once
Chordal homophonysing harmonies at same time
basso continuoaccompaniment is determined by bass position symbols
ostinatorepeating melody (motif) played by same voice
monophonyone voice or instrument
pizzicatostrings are plucked

Section 3

Question Answer
Repeated Periodboth phrases are the same (a,a)
Parallel Periodboth phrases begin with similar or identical material (a, a')
Contrasting PeriodPhrase beginnings are not similar (a,b)
3 Phrase PeriodThree phrases (a, b, c)
Double PeriodTwo phrases for question and two for answer (4 total) (a, b, c, d) (a, b, a, b)
Parallel Double Period(a, b, a', b')
Phrase Groupdoesn't fit into significant thematic areas, it's more transitional...a longer