Minor surgery nplex II

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Question Answer
#10 bladefor larger, thick tough skin
#11 bladestraight, pointed cutting edge for stabbing and incising skin in I&D
hemostasisfew minutes, disruption of vv to the clot formation, poor results in hematomas
inflamseveral days
proliferation/granulation3 weeks
remodeling3 weeks
sterilizationdestruction of all living micros including bacterial spores
plain cat guthighest likelihood tissue rxn
steelnon-absorbable monofiliment
Wound infectionis the single most important cause of delayed wound healing.
tendon repairneeds non-absorbable deep suture
toxic reactiontreat with oxygen
hypotensionsign of CV toxicity w anesthesia


Question Answer
epinephrinenot used in terminal prominant tissues, decrease oozing, prolong anestheia, decrease toxic rxn by redux circulation
procaineester mets to PABA in peripheral tissues unlike amides lidocaine or bupivacaine (longer 3-4 h)
bromelainpromotes healing
TAC"Homemade" concoction of Tetracaine (Pontocaine), a very potent ester anesthetic, Adrenaline (epinephrine), and Cocaine. Good alternative to EMLA (i.e. for children), much cheaper (.50 vs. $6-12), faster (~ 30 minutes), almost as effective.
EMLA Lidocaine/Prilocaineemulsions as cream or patch; for normal, intact ski
Lidocaineamide 2-4% max 300mg
Proparacaineester (Ophthaine, Alcaine) for ophthalmological use only
Cocaineester ENT topical , rapid ~1 hr duration, CV toxicity
Mepivacaine (Carbocaine)Similar to Lidocaine, but lasts longer (2-2.5 hours), causes less drowsiness. Maximum dose 5 mg/kg of 1%.
Benzocaineester 5-20% For use on skin, mucous membranes, (sunburn, pruritis, minor burns, sore throats).


Question Answer
half-buried mattresstriangular flaps
vertical mattresseverts edge, close approx
subcuticular runningin dermis, for wounds w minimal tension , clean, minimal wounds
stitch removalclose cut, draw wound edges together
3/0, 7-14trunk, legs, feet, scalp suture type, length
pasturella mutansdog and cat bite microorganism, tx w Augmentin (amox/clav)
staph au and eikenella corodenshuman bite microorg tx w Augmentin
liposarcomaarise from lipoma in medial thigh


Question Answer
hordeolumred, hurts on eyelid margin
chalaziondoesn't hurt, hard, take a chalazion pill
2% Glutaraldehydesterilize for at least 10 hrs!!!
Vitamin Cpromotes collagen formation, healing of connective tissue (1g bid-tid)
Zincfor DNA, RNA synthesis, collagen synthesis and cross-linking, immune function (Zinc picolinate 30 mg/day)
B-Complexvitamins for collage cross-linking, DNA synthesis
Copperfor collagen cross-linking (2 mg/day)
Vitamin Eto reduce scar formation, adhesions (400 IU/day)
Flavonoidsto reduce scar formation (various protocols)