Military Ranks

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Section 1

Question Answer
E-1 ArmyPrivate (PV1)
E-2 ArmyPrivate (PV2)
E-3 ArmyPrivate First Class (PFC)
E-4 ArmyCorporal (CPL), Specialist (SPC)
E-5 ArmySergeant (SGT)
E-6 ArmyStaff Sergeant (SSG)
E-7 ArmySergeant First Class (SFC)
E-8 ArmyMaster Sergeant (MSG), First Sergeant (1SG)
E-9 ArmySergeant Major (SGM), Command Sergeant Major (CSM)
E-9 (SEA) ArmySergeant Major of the Army (SMA)

Section 2

Question Answer
E-1 MarinesPrivate (Pvt)
E-2 MarinesPrivate First Class (PFC)
E-3 MarinesLance Corporal (LCpl)
E-4 MarinesCorporal (Cpl)
E-5 MarinesSergeant (Sgt)
E-6 MarinesStaff Sergeant (SSgt)
E-7 MarinesGunnery Sergeant (GySgt)
E-8 MarinesMaster Sergeant (MSgt), First Sergeant (1stSgt)
E-9 Marines Master Gunnery Sergeant (MGySgt), Sergeant Major (SgtMaj)
E-9 (SEA) MarinesSergeant Major of the Marine Corps (SgtMajMarCor)

Section 3

Question Answer
E-1 Air ForceAirman Basic (AB)
E-2 Air FoceAirmen (Amn)
E-3 Air FoceAirman First Class (A1C)
E-4 Air FoceSenior Airmen (SrA)
E-5 Air FoceStaff Sergeant (SStg)
E-6 Air FoceTechnical Sergeant (TSgt)
E-7 Air FoceMaster Sergeant (MSgt), First Sergeant (1st Stg)
E-8 Air FoceSenior Master Sergeant (SMSgt), First Sergeant (1st Stg)
E-9 Air FoceChief Master Sergeant (CMSgt), Command Chief Master Sergeant (CMSgt), First Sergeant (1st Stg)
E-9 (SEA) Air FoceChief Master Sergeant of the Air Force (CMSAF)

Section 4

Question Answer
O-1 Army, Marines, Air ForceSecond Lieutenant (2LT)
O-2 Army, Marines, Air ForceFirst Lieutenant (1LT)
O-3 Army, Marines, Air ForceCaptain (CPT)
O-4 Army, Marines, Air ForceMajor (MAJ)
O-5 Army, Marines, Air ForceLieutenant Colonel (LTC)
O-6 Army, Marines, Air ForceColonel (COL)
O-7 Army, Marines, Air ForceBrigader General (BG)
O-8 Army, Marines, Air ForceMajor General (MG)
O-9 Army, Marines, Air ForceLieutenant General (LTG)
O-10 Army, Marines, Air ForceGeneral (GEN)
O-10 (Special) Army, Marines, Air ForceGeneral of the...(Army, Marines, Air Force)

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