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Infographics, With emotional value, Video, How-to/List/Why post, What post, Interactive, With ImagesForms of Social Media Content
Informative, Useful, Real-expericenceQualities of Social media content
InformativeContent that educates
UsefulContent that supports
Real experienceContent that entertains/inspires
Owned/Shared, Linked/embedded, Text/Media, Real-time/scheduled, Broadcast/Conversational, Informative-Entertaining/PromotionalCharacteristics of Social media content
Look intelligent, Look good, Look funny, Be useful, Tell a storyAttributes that drive people to post/share
Easy access to people, Easy access to info, Easily updated, Helps people express themselves freelyPositive effects of media info
Print, Broadcast & Web3 types of media

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Print & Broadcast MediaOne way communication
Print & Broadcast MediaNational & Local
Print MediaMany producers - many consumer
Print & Broadcast MediaControlled
Print MediaModern technology independent
Print MediaStructured to re-read
Print & Broadcast MediaProfessionally done
Print MediaShort & Sharp
Print MediaExplain in depth through text
Print MediaConstructed for telling
Print MediaConcerned with space & sentences
Print MediaHigh detailed info retention
Print Broadcast MediaReputation is very important
Broadcast MediaOne producer - many consumer
Broadcast & Web MediaDramatic & Exaggerated
Broadcast & Web MediaStructured to be viewed
Broadcast MediaConcerned with airlength
Broadcast MediaConstructed for showing
Broadcast & Web MediaModern technology dependent
Web MediaTwo way communication
Web MediaParticipating audience
Web MediaLocal, national, global
Web MediaMany producers - one consumer
Web MediaConstructed for sharing
Web MediaReputation is not very important
Web MediaLittle to no policy/regulation
Web MediaLow detailed info retention

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BooksCollection of write-ups that usually cover any topic, fact or fiction
BooksUse when you are looking for variety of info about topic
BooksUse when you need historical info & summaries of research & experiences to support an argument
JournalCollection of articles usually written by scholars in an academic or professional field
JournalArticles can cover very specific topics or narrow fields of research
JournalUse when you are doing scholarly research
JournalUse when you need info to find out what has already been studied
JournalUse when you need bibliographies that point to other relevant studies
MagazineCollection of articles and images about diverse topics of popular interests & current events
MagazineUse when you need info about a popular culture or society trend
MagazineUse when you need up-to-date info about specific current issues or events
MagazineUse when you need general articles about people and for people
NewspaperCollection of articles about current events usually printed DAILY
NewspaperUse when you need current info about local and national events
NewspaperUse when you need editorials expert or popular opinion
NewspaperUse when you need info on business advertisements & job opportunities
EncyclopediaCollection of short and factual entries often written by diff. contributors who are knowledgeable about the topic
EncyclopediaUse when you need info for concise overview or depth entry on a field of study
EncyclopediaUse when you are looking for background info on a topic
EncyclopediaUse when you want to find key ideas, images, dates or concepts
Broadcast MediaCoverage of creative, dramatic, life-like representation, emotional and entertaining appeals of news, stories & brand
Broadcast MediaUse when you need info 'live' interviews 'real-time' happenings
Broadcast MediaUse when you need info w/ visual, audio and quality production
Broadcast MediaUse when you want life-like representation of events, news and stories
Broadcast MediaUse when you need info based on personalities opinion on particular topic
Broadcast MediaUse when you want info focused on emotional impact
Web MediaAllows you to access most types of info on the internet
Web MediaQuickly link related info
Web MediaContains text, sounds, images, blogs & podcasts
Web MediaUse when you need current info
Web MediaUse when you want info about companies, etc
Web MediaUse when you need all levels of info
Web MediaUse when you want to find both expert & popular opinions
Web MediaUse when you need info about hobbies & personal interests

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NetworkExchange of data using computer/internet
NetiquetteRules (do's and dont's) and the proper way of using computer & internet
Internet AddictionCompulsive Control Disorder
Internet AddictionFailure to resist temptation leading to emotional attachment to online friends & activities through use of chatrooms, social media sites & virtual communities
Unfinished task, Forgotten Responsibilities, Endless hours online, Nomophobia, Technostress, Bankruptcy & Decreased productivitySYMPTOMS OF INTERNET ADDICTION
Impairments of real life relationships, Isolation, Obsession w/ virtual self & Physical DiscomfortEFFECTS OF INTERNET ADDICTION
NomophobiaPhobia of not being able to use phone of internet
CyberbullyingThe use of electronic communication tools to intentionally torment, threaten, harass, humiliation, intimidate or embarrass a person
Flaming, Cyberstalking, Harassment, Exclusion & OutingFORMS OF CYBERBULLYING
FlamingThreatening, rude and mean posts
HarassmentRumors, pictures or videos to hurt, embarrass and humiliate a person
CyberstalkingTexting, Emailing or posting unwanted messages or pictures of sexual nature
ExclusionExcluding someone from a group to make them feel unwanted
OutingTricking someone into revealing personal or embarrassing info and sending it to others
Poor school performance, Low self esteem, Isolation, Angry & Vengeful, Cyberbullicide, Health complications EFFECTS OF CYBERBULLYING
Revenge, Boredom, Peer Pressure & Hunger for attention/powerCAUSE OF CYBERBULLYING
BystanderPeople who witness cyberbullying in action but dont do anything about it
UpstanderPerson who witness cyberbullying and fights against it
Refuse, Raise, Speak Out, Share, Tell, TalkRSTs of UPSTANDER
Dtop & Calm down, Tell an adult, Save and print evidence, BlockWhat to do with CYBERBULLYING
TrademarkLogo or catchphrase
Copyright :Right of a company to distribute their own works
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Sarcastic, Spam, Offensive, Flame WarsKINDS OF POSTS
Sarcastic PostsContains sarcasm
Offensive postsOffend or hurt someone emotionally
Spam postsUnwanted advertisements
Spam postsLinks to malicious websites
Flame Wars: Start unnecessary fights on social media
Question Answer
Safe contentNO negative effect to the person
Risky contentQuestionable content
UnsafeNegative effect on victim