Miguel Lopez - West Africa

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Question Answer
What is oral history?`It is a spoken record of past events
What are griots?They are West African storytellers
Why were griots highly respected?They were highly respected because the people of West Africa were very interested in the deeds of their ancestors
What are proverbs?They are short saying of wisdom or truth
Who were the first people of Ghana?The first people of Ghana were farmers
What were they called?They were called the Soninke
Where did Ghana lay between?It laid between the Sahara Desert and deep forests
What were the most valuable resources?It was gold and salt
Why did the herders threaten the Soninke?They wanted to take the farmers' water and pastures
How did the Soninke protect themselves?The Soninke families began to band together
What did the banding begin?It was the beginning of Ghana?
When did the empire of Ghana collapse?It collapsed by the end of 1200s
Who did Ghana lose the empire to?They lost the empire to a Muslim group called the Almoravids
How long did they fight for?They fought for 14 years
Who was Tunka Manin?He was the king when Ghana was at it's peak
Who is Sundiata?He was the ruler of Mali and the son of Mali
What did Sundiata when he reached adulthood?He built a huge army and won his country's independence. Then he set off to conquer many kingdoms
When did Sundiata die?He died in 1255
Who was the ruler of Mali after Sundiata?Mansa Musa
How long did he rule for?He ruled for 25 years
When did Mansa Musa leave Mali to set off on his pilgrimage?He left Mali in 1324 to set off for Mecca