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Question Answer
triptans moaserotonin receptor agonists cause vasoconstriction of cranial blood vessels
migraine with aura shouldnt useestrogen containing contrecptives....higher risk stroke
menstrual migraines _________ can helpcontraceptives
patients who have CI to triptans or do not get benefit then this used nextergotamine
imitrexsumatriptin tablet
alsumasumatriptin SC
CI to triptan useCVA (stroke/TIA), uncontrolled HTN, ischemic heart disease
triptan sensationspressure in chest or heaviness or pressure in the neck region....dissipates after administration
zomig and imitrex nasal sprays only contain 1 dosedo not prime
approved for children and adolescents at least 12 years old triptans?almotriptan talbet and zomig nasal
long acting but slower onset triptansfrovatriptan and naratriptan
migranaldihydroergotamine. injection, nasal spray
migranal boxed warninglife threatening peripheral ischemia associated with coadmin with 3A4 inhibs (macrolides)
migranal nasal spray primespray 4x
pregnancy category migranalcat x.
not reccomended for migrainesanything with butalbital- lower efficacy and abuse/dependence potential
when to use prophylaxis2 or more days pr week or 3 or more per month. or migraines decrease quality of life, or acute treatments innefective
porphylaxis efficacy50% reduction. a full trial is 2-6 months of reasonable dose.
prophylaxis how chooosetopiramate good lose weight....beta blocker if hypertension...venlafaxine can be used
botox injection used when15 or more days per month migraine
valproic acid for prophylaxisweight gain, liver toxicity, pancreatitis, teratogenicity, thrombocytopeniato
to prevent rebound headaches try to limit acute treatment meds to2-3x times per week