Midterm Review Bild 12 Lecture 2

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Section 1

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What must be done for appropriate behavior? information has to travel RAPIDLY and RELIABLY within and across neurons.
Information flow..needs to be reliable and rapid within and across neurons.
Define Ions.electrically charged molecules
Define Cations.(+) e.g. Na+
Define Anions. (-) e.g. CL-
Ions fun facts.opposites attract, same charges repel
What ions are important in the nervous system. Na+, K+

Section 2

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What is the neural membrane? insulates the inside of a neuron from the outside. restricts movements of ions.
What are channel proteins?permeable to ions
Channel proteins..'gate'

Section 3

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Explain the movement of ions across membrane.Diffusion- ions move from high concentration to low low concentration
conts. 1membrane permeability (channel are open).
2. ions across membraneElectricity- electrical forces moves electrically charged
what is equilibrium potential difference in ion concentration across the membrane and permeable to ions.

Section 4

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Where is Na+ contracted? Outside
Where is K concentrated? Inside
The membrane is permeable to what ion? K+ (CHANNELS ARE OPEN).
At rest what is happening?HIGH Na+ outside and HIGH K+ inside
What charge is the resting membrane potential? neurons at rest negatively charged. -65mv

Section 5

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What causes action potentials?depolarization of voltage-gated channels Na+ inside the membrane.
What happens to K+ channels? Hyper polarize out of the membrane
What is Lidocaine? Blocks voltage-gated sodium channels.
Tetrodotoxin Blocks v-g-c-s PUFFER FISH
Where are action potentials regenerated? axon hillock
Where do Axon Potentials propagates? down the length of the axon= Neuronal activity