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trade windsat the equator, blow from east to west
westerliesat 30 n and s, blow from west to east
easterlies 60 n and s blow from east to west
ocean currents move from tropical to polar
gyres occur north and south of the equator
water masses surface, central, intermediate, deep, bottom
bottom water from poles, dense, brine exclusion
deep waterdense and cold from evaporation and cooling, from atlantic
geostrophic current horizontal movement of surface water arising from a balance between the pressure gradient force and the Coriolis force is known as geostrophic flow
gyres caused by ekman spiral causing surface waters to move toward the center
carbonate system co2 + h2o <--> h2co3 <--> h + hco3 <--> h + co3
carbonic acid h2co3
bicarbonate hco3 (-)
carbonate co3 (2-)
rxn for shellsca (2+) + co3 (2-) ---> caco3

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