Midterm 1 Bild 12 Lecture 4

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Central Nervous System (CNS)BRAIN AND SPINAL CORD
Peripheral Nervous System All parts of the nervous system other than the brain and the spinal cord
Define CerebrumLarge Frontal part of brain- split in two- (l to r) controls sensations, movements of the opposite side of body
Define Cerebral cortexSurface, conscious perception, Sulci, Gyri, folds increases cerebrum
Cerebral cortex layers6 layers, layer 1- axons and dendrites no neurons. Deeper layers: neurons of different shapes.

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Korbinian BrodmannDefined layer structures and cellular arrangements
Area 17visual cortex
Area 4 motor cortex
Define cerebellumbehind cerebrum, controls coordination, riding a bike. controls (l-r) of the same side of the body.
Define brain stem.breathing, body temperature, crucial for survival

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Largest brain.Sperm Whale
Define spinal cord.connects the brain with the rest of the body. (skin, joints. and muscles).
What happens if there is an injury on the spinal cord? Paralysis and loss of sensation of parts of the body

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SOMATIC PNS Controls muscles, collects sensory information
AUTONOMIC nervous system (ANS) Control and Collect infro internal organs blood vessels and glands

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Studying the brain 1Know connectivity- inputs and outputs to each area and their functions.
2remove it- lesion studies, remove part of the briain examine effect on behavior its action- structural imaging