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big bang 14 bill yrs ago
formation of solar system 5 bill yrs ago
formation of earth4.6 bill yrs ago
fuel source of sun fusion, 2 h make 1 he
elements heavier than iron formed by supernovas
maximum density of freshwater occurs at 4 degrees c
maximum density of seawater occurs at -2 degrees c
density of seawater1.03 g/cm^3
density of ice 0.9 g/cm^3
max number of hydrogen bonds which a single water molecule can form at one time 4
last librarian at alexandriaeratosthenes, library housed all greek knowledge and the romans set it on fire
james cook lead 3 voyages to the pacific, the first to new zealand where scientists confirmed observations of earths orbit. his final expedition was a failed attempt to find the northwest passage and ended with his death in hawaii
s wave second motion to arrive at a distant site following an earthquake
p wave first motion to arrive at a distant site following an earthquake
subduction typically results from a collision
spreading results in the formation of new oceanic crust
what two factors cause the motion of oceanic plates driven by convection currents, and the downward slope of earth
what important factor allows oceanic plates to move across the surface of the planet oceanic plates can move across the surface of the planet due to convection currents that occur in the asthenosphere, causing movement of magma as a result of temperature and density
hot spot area of visible magma upwelling, causing volcanoes to form. these exist in hawaii
what happens when oceanic plates hit continental oceanic subduct to create ridge
why is continental drift true north and south american shoreline fit, coal from fossils in antarctica when its too cold there for fossils to exist, fossil similarities across ocean.
wegners theory not accepted in his lifetime bc belief that mantle was solid, centrifugation not reliable mechanism
echo sounders show shape of mid atlantic ridge showing that plates get old and dense and subduct allowing new stuff to come up
seismographs show waves produced by earthquakes, plates rub against one another and therefore move supporting continental drift
radiometric dating radiometric dating shows that new seafloor that is less dense exists in the ocean
phase between solid and liqiudlatent heat of fusion

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