Middle Ear

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Question Answer
Creates energy by:Air to fluid waves -> malleus long incus short -> areas of oval window/TM -> buckling of TM
Sends vibrations to:Inner ear
Middle ear contains:Cavity, tympanic membrane, ossicles, muscles
CavityAir filled membrane lined space
Tympanic membrane (TM)Has 3 layers: epithelium, middle layer, inner mucous membrane
OssiclesMalleus, incus, stapes
MusclesTensor tympani and stapedius
Cavity functionEnsures pressure is equal either side of TM ,connects middle ear to back of throat
Tympanic membrane functionReceives sound vibrations which trigger cascade of vibrations; transmits vibrations from EAM to ossicles
Ossicles functionTransmit vibrations from TM to oval window and structures of inner ear
Tensor tympaniReduces range of motion of TM, dampens vibrations
StapediusDampens vibrations from stapes to oval window