Middle Ages Vocab review

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Question Answer
Black DeathBubonic Plague that killed 2/3 of Midieval Europe
HumanismThe philosophy and belief that all PEOPLE were important
ReformationAn era when people wanted to REFORM the church's shortcomings
ProtestantPeople who PROTESTED the power of the Catholic Church, and separated from them
PapalThe leader of the Catholic Church and the "state" ruled by the Pope called the Holy Roman Empire
RenaissanceA rebirth in reason, humanities, art, culture, and education
Classical Learning/EducationThe "Humanities" like art, music, languages, literature, and maths and sciences
Classical Learning/Educationbased on Greek and Roman traditions of science and philosophy and reason
Scholarshiplearning; knowledge acquired by study; the academic attainments of a scholar

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Renaissance ManPerson who excels in several areas: literature, science, art, music...
Venacularthe "native" language of a people; everyday language
Blasphemyspeaking negatively against someone's religion or gods or goddesses
Selling Indulgencespaying money to be forgiven
Ideologyway of thinking; philosophy