Mid Term Vocab

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Unit 1

Question Answer
AbashTo destroy the self confidence, poise, or self possession of someone; to make the embarrassed
AmbienceAtmosphere, mood or feeling
AstuteExcellent judge of something, keenly perceptive; shrewed
CapitulateTo surrender unconditionally; to give in/ up
ConciseBreif, short, to the point; direct
DecadentDecaying or decayed, especially in terms of morals; depraved
DuplicitySpeaking or acting in two different ways: hipocrisy or deception
ExtrapolateTo infer an unknown from something that is known
HegemonyLeadership or influence by one nation over another
InjunctionA command or order, especially a court order
MagnateA person of great influence and importance
NoxiousHarmful or injurious to one's health
PerjuryA lie that is told under oath; falsehood
ProsaicCommonplace or dull; unimaginative
SacrosanctExtremely sacred; highly regarded

Unit 2

Question Answer
AbhorTo hate; to despise
AmenableEasy to get along with, agreeable; easy going
AugmentTo increase; to add in number
CatalystSomething that causes a reaction between two or more people without itself being affected or it could be a chemical that is added to something else that causes a reaction
CondoneTo overlook, to except, to allow
DefameTo attack the name or reputation of someone
EdifyTo instruct someone; to benefit by teaching
FabricationSomething that is made up or untrue; a lie
HiatusA break, especially a break from work; a vacation
InsatiableIncapiable of being satisfied or appeased; unsatisfied
MaglingerTo fake an illness, especially as a way to get out of doing work
ObliqueIndirectly stated or expressed
PertinetRelevant, on point
QualifyTo modify or restrict; to alter
SanctimoniousPretending to be devout; acting better

Unit 3

Question Answer
AbridgeTo shorten, to condense
AmoralWithout quailty; neither moral nor immoral
AutonomousAble to take care of yourself; independant
CausticCapable of burning or destroying something; fiercely sarcastic
CongenitalRelating to a condition present of birth
DeleteriousInjurious to one's health
EgocentricHaving a heightened interest in oneself
FaricalLudicrous, absurd, nonsense
HusbandryThe cultivation of crops or animals for food; farming
InsolentBoldy rude or disrepectful
ManifestReadily preceived, evident; obvious
ObtuseNot quick or alert; dull
PetulantShowing impatient irratation; peevish
RebutTo refute with evidence; to oppose
ScrupulousHaving a regard for what others consider right; being careful and percise

Unit 4

Question Answer
Abstracttheoretical, impersonal, not concrete
Analogya comparison of one thing to another; similarity
Awryoff-course; twisted in some way
Chagrinhumiliation or embarrassment
Connoisseuran expert in a particular field
Demagoguea leader who uses prejudice to get more power
Elusivehard to pin down, evasive
Faunaan animal; wildlife
Idiosyncrasya peculiar habit; a quirk
Integralsomething that is essential; comprehensive
Martyrsomeone who gives his or her life to support a cause
Opulentluxurious, expensive, ostentatious
Pivotalcrucial; vital
Reciprocalmutual, shared; common
Segregateto separate; to isolate

Unit 5

Question Answer
Accostto approach and speak to someone aggressively
Animosityresentment; hostility
Bastionstronghold; fortress
Chastiseto inflict punishment on someone; to discipline
Construeto interpret; to understand
Derideto ridicule; to laugh at contemptuously
Enfranchiseto grant the privileges of citizenship
fetterto restrain; to hold back
Imminentjust about to happen
Introspectivethinking about oneself
Maxima fundamental principal; an old saying
Pacifyto calm someone down
Plebiancommon or lower class
Redolentfragrant; sweet smelling
Serendipityaccidental fortune

Unit 6

Question Answer
Acrimoniousfull of spite; bitter
Antithesisthe direct opposite
belittleto put someone down
Chronicconstant, lasting a long time
Contingentdependent; possible
despotan absolute ruler
Ephemerallasting for a short amount of time
Flauntto show off
Imperiallike an emperor
IrascibleEasily angered or provoked
Mentoran experienced person teaching an inexperienced person how to do something
Paltryinsignificant; small (usually has to do with money)
Polemica powerful argument often made to attack or refute a controversial issue
Relegateto banish or send away
Sinisterevil or wicked