Microsoft word

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Question Answer
1. Ctrl +NStarts a new Blank Document
2. Ctrl +O Display the open Dialog Box
3. Ctrl +W Close the Active Document
4. Ctrl +SSave a document
5. Ctrl +PDisplay the print Dialog Box
6. Alt +Ctrl +I Switch to and from Print Preview view
7. Alt +Ctrl +P Switch to Print Layout View
8. Ctrl +FDisplay the find dialog box
9. Ctrl +HDisplay the Replace dialog box
10. Ctrl +GDisplay the Go To dialog box
11. Ctrl +Z Undoes the last action
12. Ctrl +C Copy selected text and graphics to the office clipboard
13. Ctrl +XCut selected text and graphics to the office clipboard
14. Ctrl +VPaste the post recent addition to the office Clipboard
15. Ctrl +F9Insert a Blank field
16. Shift +EnterStart a new line in paragraph
17. Ctrl + Enter Insert a page break
18. Ctrl + ASelects the entire document
19. Ctrl + DOpens the font dialog box to change the formatting of characters
20. Shift + F3 Changes the case of letters
21. Ctrl + BApplies or removes bold formatting
22. Ctrl + UApplies or removes underlining
23. Ctrl + I Applies or removes italics formatting
24. Ctrl + 1(one)Sets a single line spacing
25. Ctrl + 2 Sets a double line spacing
26. Ctrl + 5 Sets 1.5 line spacing
27. Ctrl + 0(zero) Adds or removes one line space preceding a paragraph
28. Ctrl + E Switches a paragraph between centred and left alignment
29. Ctrl + JSwitches a paragraph between justified and left alignment
30. Ctrl + R Switches a paragraph between Right and left alignment
31. Ctrl + LApplies left alignment
32. Ctrl + M Indents the paragraph from the left
33. Ctrl + TCreates hanging Indent
34. Ctrl + QRemoves a paragraph formatting

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