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What is the significance of the viral structure and function for infection?nucleic acid package w/protein coat; genomic hitler - directs production
How are viruses flexible?DNA or RNA; linear or circular;
Bacteriaphagevirus that infects a bacteria; virus surface identifies host to infect.
BINDINGVirus binds to receptor
INTERNALIZEDi) fusion w/plasma membrane ii) receptor mediated endocytosis
What are the 5 steps of eukaryotic viruses?Binds to receptor, Triggers endocytosis, Viral uncoating, Fuses with new host, Receptor mediated envelope
How do viruses infect bacteria?Capsid binds to host receptor & Injects genome
Bacteriophage Life Cycle1) Lytic Cycle of Phages & 2) Lysogenic Phage
EUK. Envelope? that surrounds the capsid when they bud through the host cell membrane (like in Aliens)
Eukaryotic Transportation? How?Specific protein receptors due to distribution of receptors for absorption ==> Enter cell through endocytosis - engulfed and internalized; Enters own version of lysogenic or lytic cycle
VIRAL LYTIC CYCLEProkaryotic Colonizers; Bacteriophage invades, colonizes and occupies the cell machinery
VIRAL LYSOGENIC CYCLE Prokaryotic Ninjas; Fast cloning - evolu. advantage w/ninja attack ==> Binds to bacteria or lysogen host
What are the 3 Viral parts1) Genome located in capsid head 2) Infective Capsid - protein coat 3) Envelope (contains host cell membrane proteins during productive cycle & viral proteins)
What is an RNA Virus?single strand RNA; Turns into imposter mRNA that makes ribosome create viral proteins; Is infective - injects the genome to create virus
How does RNA virus work?Uses the protein RNA dependent RNA polymerase to copy the RNA for viral replication; Uses sense & anti-sense RNA strands for complementary replication
RNA virus exampleIs the cold, polio, rubella
What is a Retrovirus?RNA viruses that go thru lysogeny; Undergo reverse transcription to make DNA from RNA; RNA dependant polymerase
How are retroviruses an exception?Breaks central dogma rules
What is a DS DNA Virus?encode enzymes for dNTP synthsis; different from RNA viruses because RNA are always doing transcription
Name the 3 ways that bacteria acquire new genetic materialTTC - TRANSDUCTION, TRANSFORMATION, CONJUGATION
TRANSDUCTIONDNA transfer through lysogenic phage
TRANSFORMATIONWhen pure DNA is added to a yogourt culture - pick up genetic information
CONJUGATIONasexual, F factor which is a DNA circle. FOrms pilli form a conjugation bridge, F+ donor gives DNA to F- recipient.
Result is an Hfr?where the F factor is integrated into the DNA; You get a partial diploid as there is sometimes 2 copies of genes