Microbiology- Classification of Bacteria

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Question Answer
Autochothonousoriginal bacterial inhabitants of the earth
Competent exclusion principle coexistance of species with identical niches is not possible
Species diversity indexrato of the # of species to the log of the # of all organisms in a locality
Ecological nichescoesistance of more than one species occupied in natural places and are unique in character
Phenotypeobservable characteristics
Macroscopical morphologycolony characterization, pigmentation, hemolytic character, biocheical characterization etc..
Genotypic classification encompasesG+C ratio, DNA hybridisation, nucleci acid sequence, plasmid analysis, and ribotyping,
All fungi areacidophilic
Vibrio cholera thrives at (PH)High ph of 8.6
Obligate aerobe requires O2 to survive
Facultative aerobecan survive with or without O2
AnaerobicCannot survive in the presence of O2
PH: Acidophilic, neutrophilic, and basophilic bacteriaThrive in: acidic, neutral, and basic environments
Temp: cryophilic, thermophilic, mesophilic bacteriaThrive at or between (celsius): o, >50, in between
Pathogenic bacteria are all (tempwise)mesophiles
halophilic (salt concentration) and osmophilic ( pressure) bacteria aremarine bacteria
Autotrophuse energy from sunlight (photoatutrophs) or inorganic compounds(lithoautotroph)
Heterotrophscannot fix carbon and uses inorganic carbon for growth
heterotrophs classifed into (2)Chemoheterotroph, and photoheterotroph