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transplanting different parts of the same organismAutografting
transplanting from different organisms of the same speciesAllografting
transplanting from different speciesXenografting
T/F: Immune system rejection of transplant will lead to destruction of graft and host tissues.True
T/F: Immune system rejection of transplant will lead to destruction of only graftFalse (graft AND host)
transplanting from identical twinIsografting
prognosis of positive cross-match for HLA-typing for transplantBAD
HLA uses ____ to check for compatibility; MLR uses _____ to check for compatibilityAntibodies; T-cells
Current standard for transplant compatibility analysisallele-specific PCR, sequencing (DNA testing)
Antibody-mediated rejection is _____ and involves ____ cellsHyperacute (faster than fast); B-cells
Cellular rejection is _____ and involves presentation by ____ cells to ____ cellsAcute to Delayed Acute; Dendritic cells to T-cells
_____ rejection involves a combination of B and T cellsChronic
Does MHC matching prevent rejection?No, reduces but not prevent
condition where DONOR T and B cells attack host; associated mainly w/ bone marrow transplantGraft v. Host Reaction
Graft v. Host Reaction is not a concern when use _____ bone marrow or when cells are depletedAutologous
Placenta expresses ___ & ____FasL & Tregs
Immunosuppressive hormone associated with pregnancyProgesterone

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