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term: eradication of all forms of life, pathogenic and nonSterilization
term: More selective eradication of pathogenic life, may include some non pathogenic but some life will remain. Reduces risk of infection to safe levels. Approved by EPADisinfection
term: Similar to disinfection, but on living tissue. Will be approved by FDAAntisepsis
Surfaces that contact soft tissue but don't penetrate directly are deemed _____semi-critical
surfaces that penetrate soft tissue are deemed _____critical
which is better for sterilization, moist heat or dry heat?Moist heat
Manual scrubbing and Ultrasonic cleaning are part of what stage of sterilization?Pre-sterilization
The best packaging for sterilizationIndividual packaging (time consuming and expensive)
Faster and higher temp autoclavePre-vacuum autoclave
If your sterilization process can kill _____ then you know it is an effective means of sterilizationTB
After sterilization, you should wait until item is _____ before you store itCool
Best form of disinfectionPasteurization
E.g Membrane disrupting disinfectantChlorhexidine
e.g of disinfectant that o Fixation of the cell membrane and blockage of egress of cellular componentsFormaldehyde
e.g. of Oxidizing agentBleach
Chlorhexidine is inactivated by ____soap
most effective disinfectant against TBGlutaraldehyde
Low level disinfectants kill only _____Fungi
disinfectants known to commonly cause hypersensitivityAldehydes
for nonsurgical procedures... water lines should be no more than ____CFU/ml of aerobic, mesophilic, heterophic bacteria at any point200 CFU/mL
_____ are good for "cold" sterilization (not heated)Aldehydes

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