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Oral Micro Flora

Question Answer
Only ___% of cells in body are mammalian _________% are “other”10%; 90%
_____ provide many benefits to bacteria that make them less susceptible to host defenses and anti-microbial agentsBiofilms
cells that inhibit normal bacterial treatments from within biofilmPersister cells
internal environment of biofilms has a ___ chargenegative
main way to fight biofilmsPrevent ADHESION
T/F: Bacteria have slower growth rates in biofilmTrue (?)
Genetic exchange in biofilm... easy? hard?VERY EASY
S. Mutans causes _____; P. Gingivalis causes _____Caries; Periodontitis
streptococci use ______ on teeth to adhere in the first stage of biofilm formationPellicle
main reservoir for bacteria in oral cavityDorsal surface of tongue
what is the main factor inhibiting growth of Obligate Anaerobes?Oxygen
pH of most surfaces in the oral cavity6.75-7.25
what regulates pH in oral cavity?Saliva
optimal growth pH of P. gingivalis7.5 (gingival crevice can become alkaline during inflammation)
Gingival crevice can become _____ during inflammationAlkaline (pH as high as 7.8)
there are _____ prokaryote species that can be present in human oral cavity (documented different species)700
Temp of oral cavity35-36 deg C (inflamed perio pockets can go up to 39)
What is the predominant bacteria on dorsal tongue in healthy individuals?S. salivarius (no halitosis)
In unhealthy individuals, the predominant presence of Atopobium parvalum, Dialister sp. & Eubacterium sulci are associated with _____Halitosis
2 bacteria that are primary causative agents for cariesS. Mutans & S. Sobrinus
Characterized by progressive necrosis of intraoral tissues, seen in those with poor oral hygiene and suboptimal nutritionANUG/ANUP
2 anaerobic pathogens associated w/ ANUGFusobacterium spp & Treponema pallidum
Periodontitis is highly prevalent, affecting more than _________%47%
Treponema pallidum causes what disease?Syphilis
Candida albicans growth and attachment is inhibited by what microbe?S. salivarius
leading cause of oropharyngeal cancersHPV
version of HPV most responsible for oropharyngeal cancersHPV-16
Hand, foot and mouth disease is caused by what?Coxsackie virus
Coxsackie virus causes what disease?Hand, Foot & Mouth disease
Clumping of bacteria leads to vegetations on surfaces of endocardium. Usually along the (mitral) valvesSubacute Infective Endocarditis
ADA recommends prophylactic antibiotics for what two types of patients?Artificial joints/valves, predisposition to endocarditis
Newly discovered oral pathogen that induces apoptosisFilifactor alocis
example of probiotic microbeS. Salivarius

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