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T/F: Every single individual has different MHCTrue ("cannot be manipulated changed or destroyed")
In humans, MHC is on Chromosome # ____6
T/F: MHC required for immune responseTrue
____ and ____ have low levels of MHC 1Sperm & Liver
T/F: MHC matching must be done for Liver transplantFalse
T/F: MHC matching must be done for Kidney transplantTrue
T/F: It is not necessary to do MHC matching for Liver transplantTrue
T/F: It in not necessary to do MHC matching for Kidney transplantFalse
What 5 cell types have LOW expression of MHCSperm, Liver, Muscle, brain and neuronal cells
T/F Class 1 MHC is expressed on every cell of the body (but w/ low levels in the exceptions already mentioned)True
Which MHC class with this structure: One anchor from alpha chain to cell membrane. Beta is on surface of cell not imbedded; Anchor brings antigen to surface for presentationClass 1
Which MHC Classes important for Immune response?class 1 & 2
Proteosome is main enzyme of which MHC class?Class 1
Protein that Carries the protein with antigen into the ER where MHC class I is already ready and waitingTAP (Transport and Processing protein)
Which cells respond to MHC Class 1?Cytotoxic T cells
Where is MHC Class 1 receptor found (before activation)?Endoplasmic Reticulum of all cells
3 sites of Class 1 MHC?A, B, & C
Which site of Class1 MHC has greatest diversity?B site
Which class has TAP protein that brings to ER?Class 1
MHC class associated with Endogenous pathogens. (Usually viral or cell mutations. Also cancer cells)Class 1
Which has a larger beta chain: MHC Class 1 or 22
MHC class associated with Exogenous pathogens (Antigen comes form outside to inside via vesicles.) Usually bacteriaMHC Class 2
Invariant chain associated with which MHC class?Class 2
Which cell responds to MHC Class 2?T helper cells
MHC class associated with activation of the complement systemClass 3
When checking for compatibility of a graft... which site of which class should be checked primarily (due to its greater capability of diversity)DR of MHC Class 2 (B of MHC Class 1 also matters)
Which MHC class is initially produced in an inactive form?MHC Class 2 (invariant chain is like safety, doesn't work until removed in Golgi)
Which MHC class is only on immune cells?MHC Class 2
Which chain is not imbedded in cell membrane of MHC class 1Beta chain
3 sites of Class 2 MHCDP, DQ, and DR

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