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Immunological Assays


Question Answer
test that uses antibody and antigen complexes as a means of generating a measurable resultImmunological Assay
Immunological assay: test that uses ___ and ___ complexes as a means of generating a measurable resultantibody-antigen complexes
specific thing (conc or whaever) measured by a laboratory testAnalyze
In immunoassay testing, the analyte may be one of two thingsantibody or antigen
E. g. naturally present AnalyteThyroid hormone
E.g. of Analyte produced by body but are not typically presentCancer antigen
E.g. of Analyte that does not naturally occur in the bodyAbused drug
term: Combining soluble Antigen with Soluble Antibody to produce insoluble complexes that are visiblePrecipitation
the overall strength of binding between an antibody and an antigen (how strong and how many can it bind to)Avidity (how strong are your friendships and how many do you have)
strength of binding between 1 antibody and 1 antigen (how strong)Affinity (how strong is your friendship with Doug)
T/F: Must have affinity and avidity present in an assay for precipitation to occurTrue
precipitation reactions must occur during zone of ____Equivalence
(Precipitation Curve) more antibody than antigen, means lots of free antibody sitesPro-zone
(Precipitation Curve) records as positive outcome. Good proportion of Ab to AgZone of Equivalence
(Precipitation Curve) more antigen than antibody. Not enough free Ab sites for antigen to attach and form precipitant complexPost-zone
X-axis of Precipitation curve is ____ concentrationAntigen
Light scattering test: Serum sample of patient mixed in liquid with either Ag or Ab. Light goes through mixture and “cloudiness” is measured (not at an angle; less precise)Turbidimetry
Light scattering test: Serum sample of patient mixed in liquid with either Ag or Ab. Light goes through mixture AT AN ANGLE and “cloudiness” is measured... more preciseNephelometry
Light scattering occurs in a ___ environmentliquid
Passive Immunodiffusion occurs in a _____ environmentsolid
Active Electrophoretic Techniques occur in a ___ environmentsolid
ImmunoDiffusion combined with electrophoresisActive Electrophoresis
HIV testing is done via ______Immunoblot (type of Immunofixation electrophoresis)
type of test to determine blood typeDirect Agglutination
2 e.g. of Competitive Labeled Immuno-assaysRadio-Immuno-Assay, Enzyme-Immuno-Assay
term: measurement of physical/chemical characteristics of cells or other biological particlesCytometry ("Cyto" = cell)
technique: measurements are made upon cells/particles as they pass through a measureing apparatus (hopefully in single file) suspended in a fluid streamFlow Cytometry
_____ & ____ are safer than Radio-labeled Immuno-Assay (RIA)ELISA & Enzyme-labeled-Immunoassay (EIA)

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