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T/F: Combined Viral-Bacterial Pneumonia is 3 times more likely to occur than Primary Viral Pneumonia.True
T/F: Primary Viral Pneumonia is 3 times more likely to occur than Combined Viral-Bacterial Pneumonia.False
Combined Viral-Bacterial Pneumonia is ___ times more likely to occur than Primary Viral Pneumonia3 x more likely
What group can get Orchitis from Mumps and what is the likely complicationMales after puberty (20%); Sterility
MMR for Mumps/Measles/Rubella is what type of vaccine ?LIVE ATTENUATED
Respiratory syncytial virus most commonly affects what group? infants under 8 months
Two Drugs used for RSV controlMonoclonal Antibody & Ribavirin
Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis is caused by...Measles (CNS complication)
Koplik spots are prodrome signs of what disease?Measles
T/F: Almost all cases of Measles are symptomaticTRUE
Route of HepA virus transmissionFecal-Oral
What is cause of major liver damage in Hepatitis A infection?Cell-mediated response
T/F: Hepatitis A causes infected individuals to become chronic carriersFALSE (no chronic with HepA)
To protect newborn babies at risk for HBV give ____ _____Immuno Globulin.
Jaundice is related to elevated ____ ALT (alanine aminotransferase)
HIV virus is highest in what bodily fluid?Blood
HBV vaccine in 1993 decreased incidence for what 3 groups?Sexually promiscuous, Homosexuals, & IV Drug users
Hepatitis D Virus is Defective, Uses the of envelope of Hepatitis B or all of the above?ALL OF THE ABOVE
HBV/HBD co-infection is (more/less) severe acute course of infection and (more/less) likely to have chronic carrier state than "Superinfection"More; Less
Chronic HBV that is infected with HDV will become Chronic HDV... this is very likely to cause what complication?Liver Cirrhosis
HCV transmission is highest in what mode?Blood contaminated products like transplanted organs and dirty needles
Transmission of Hepatitis C virus is most like what other virus transmission?HIV virus
“HAART” used to treat HIV causes death in coinfection?HepatitisC-HIV coinfection
Hepatitis C has many unstable quasi-species, escapes immune response or both?BOTH
What diagnostic marker indicates infectivity of Hepatitis B?HbeAg (indicated active replication of virus)
T/F: CD4 glycoprotein is found on T lymphocytes, Monocytes, Macrophages, & Dendritic cellsTrue
What HIV proteins interact with T Helper cell surface?gp120 & pg41
HIV DNA is replicated where in cell?Cytoplasm
T/F: Block both INTEGRASE and REVERSE TRANSCRIPTASE to block early HIV infectionTrue
Which Protease is used to cleave polyproteins in HIV infection... human-protease or viral-protease?Viral (HIV) protease
Clinical symptoms of HIV resembles ____ _____infectious mononucleosis
Rapid HIV test uses what body fluid?Saliva
Oral leukoplakia is caused by what virus?Epstein Barr Virus
2 types of lab test for HIV that look for antibodies to HIVELISA & Western Blot
Lowest viral load detectable is ____ copies50 copies
All of these drugs are available except.... (fusion inhibitors, CCR5 antagonists, etc. etc.)ALL AVAILABLE
HIV gingivitis resembles what perio condition?ANUG
HIV percutaneous risk = ____ %0.3%


Question Answer
The first step after uncoating in the paramyxovirus infectious cycle is _____Transcription
An envclope is an essential structural feature of Measles, Mumps, Rubella or all threeALL THREE (MMR)
Paramyxoviruses posses a/an _____ capsidHelical
the single most important cause of respiratory disease in infantsRSV
what is the chief complication of mumps in the adult maleOrchitis (leading to sterility)
What is the family of Rubella virus?Togaviridae
T/F: Viremia is an essential feature in the pathogenesis of MeaslesTrue
T/F: Viremia is an essential feature in the pathogenesis of MumpsTrue
T/F: Viremia is an essential feature in the pathogenesis of RSVFalse
At least half of all cases of Croup in children are caused by _____ virusesParainfluenza
Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis is associated with what viral infection?measles
Major route of mumps transmission?Respiratory
T/F: A live, attenuated measles virus vaccine is recommended for use in all healthy children in the U.S.True
T/F: Measles is a serious disease and severe complications are possibleTrue
T/F: Measles infection cause severe birthh defects when acquired in uteroFALSE (Rubella, not measles, is associated with severe birth defects)
T/F: Measles is estimated to cause a million deaths yearly worldwideTrue, apparently... alththough WHO puts it at (145,700 in 2013)
Which Hepatitis Viruses are considered Enteric viruses?Hepatitis A and E
Definitive diagnosis of Hepatitis is based on what?Elevated serum ALT
Influenza hemagglutinins and neuraminidases are located where?on surface of viral envelope
Hepatitis A virus replicates in the liver. how does it enter stool?via bile
Highest rate of Hep A virus infection is found in what age group?children 5-14 yo
Initial attachment of HIV to susceptible cell involves what viral protein and what cell receptor?gp120 & CD4
Afier a conformatiorral change, the HIV gp4l does what?fuses HIV envelope with cell membrane
Hepatitis A vaccine is least likely to cause infection in what age group?<6 years old
HIV proviral DNA is synthesized where in infected cell?Cytoplasm
Which Hepatitis virus has the longest incubation period?HepB
presence of the antibody to HBV core protein likely meansChronic Carrier state
Ribavirin and interferon alpha most likely used to treat what Hepatitis?Hep C
What type of Hepatitis Virus most likely to cause liver cancer?Hep B
What virus causes Kaposi's Sarcoma?HHV-8
What is NOT a common clinical symptom of all types of hepatitis?Abdominal discomfort

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