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What is the size of Paramyxoviridae virions?Large
What is the genome of Paramyxoviridae?Negative strand RNA
what is the structure (morphology) of Paramyxoviridae virion?Helical nucleocapsid surrounded by an Envelope
What protein is used by Paramyxoviridae to penetrate cellular membrane and cell-to-cell transmission?Glycoprotein F (F protein)
Where do paramyxoviridae family of viruses replicate in cell?Cytoplasm
What protein enables Synctia of multi-nucleated giant cells?F Protein (Glycoprotein F)
Paramyxoviridae are transmitted how?Respiratory droplets
Two Paramyxoviridae viruses/disease that produce viremia (and thus generalized infection)Measles & Mumps
____ and ___ viruses produce only respiratory infection (without viremia... aka localized)RSV (Pneumovirus) & Parainfluenza (Paramyxovirus)
syndrome develop rapidly with bursts of harsh Barking cough with noisy breathing, usually resolves within a weekParainfluenza
Rx prescribed to give Parainfluenza patients some comfortDexamethasone 4-8 mg twice/day (anti-inflammatory)
Acute viral infection that primary infect parotid glandMumps (Paramyxovirus; Paramyxoviridae)
T/F: Immunity is life-long after a case of mumpsTrue
T/F: Mumps infection does not grant immunityFalse
What Paramyxovirus (subfamily) can lead to sterility if it sets up in the testes?Mumps
How does Mumps get to the Parotid gland?from Systemic Viremia (first resp. tract then viremia then parotid)
What type of cells do Mumps virus replicate in?Ductal Epithelial cells (of Parotid)
Mumps is infectious for ___to___ days before symptoms and ___ days after onset of symptoms2-7 days before; 10 days after
Parotitis and swelling of other glands is associated with what Paramyxoviridae infection?Mumps
Meningoencephalitis, sterility, oophoritis & CNS involvement can be complications of what Paramyxoviridae infection?Mumps
T/F: Most born before 1957 have had measlesTrue
Rash that starts on the face and neck, then spreads associated with what Paramyxoviridae infection?Measles
What Paramyxoviridae infection is spread not only through respiratory droplet inhalation but also through skin contact with mucous secretions?Measles
T/F: Antibitotics should be used for Measles infection?True (but has no effect on viral life-cycle... just helps with complications)
Ear infection, Pneumonia & subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (CNS) are side effects of what infection?Measles
T/F: Complications of Measles can be lethalTrue
MMR vaccine is what type of vaccine?Live vaccine
Kopek spots (white lesions) on buccal mucosa opposite back molars is an early sign of what Paramyxoviridae infection?Measles (Morbillivirus; Paramyxoviridae)
Measles virus infection of the CNS leads to what condition?Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis
T/F: Measles infection leads to life-long immunityTrue (typically)
T/F: Measles infection does not lead to immunityFalse
Pneumonia in young children is due to what paramyxoviridae?RSV (Pneumovirus; Paramyxoviridae)
Narrow airways of infants obstructed by virus-induced pathologic effect associated with what virus?RSV
T/F: Maternal antibody does not protect infant from infection in RSVTrue
T/F: Maternal antibody protects infant from RSV infection in uteroFalse
RSV attaches to respiratory epithelium via what protein?G protein
Upper Respiratory symptoms (such as Fever, Rhinitis, & Pharyngitis) and lower respiratory symptoms (Bronchiolitis, Pneumonia, Cough, Poorfeeding, lethargy, Hypoxemia, tachypnea, & Apnea) are consistent with what Paramyxoviridae infection?RSV (Pneumovirus)
what virus' mortality is estimated at 51% in patients with bone marrow transplantsRSV (immunocompromised)
Hep-2 cells (of upper respiratory tract) show typical colony formation, confirmed with immunofluorescent staining as diagnostic indicator for what paramyxoviridae infection?RSV
what type of cells are collected and assessed for RSV diagnosis?Hep-2 cells
Leukemia patients with RSV will require more ventilation and _____Oxygen
what treatment for RSV blocks the attachment sight of the cells inside the body so during viremia when he virus wants to get into the cell. it blocks the receptors and it cannot get into living cells.Ribavirin
Drug Not for Cure, but limited prevention of RSV infection Palivizumab
in general for paramyxoviridae, where are viruses best found and collected for analysis?Resp Tract Secretions
What two Paramyxoviridae viruses share a common antigen (cross reactive) and may make serological distinction difficult?Mumps and Para-influenza viruses

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