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RNA viruses

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two examples of RNA virusesReoviruses & Caliciviruses
RNA virus that can have double or triple capsidReno viruses
virus that has promise as oncolytic treatment (cancer treatment)Reno virus
what type of virus causes colorado tick feverReno virus
MAJOR pathogen in infantile gastroenteritisRotavirus
what virus has regular pattern on capsid distinctive features and 32 cup-shaped depressionsCalcifivirus
which RNA virus has single stranded DNA (one piece of it)Calcifivirus
which RNA virus has ds DNAReoviruses
type of virus that caused cruise-ship epidemicNorovirus (calcifivirus)
Most important pathogenic Togavirus to humans is what and causes what disease?Rubivirus; Rubella
RNA virus that results in stillbirth, spontaneous abortion & birth defectsRubivirus (Togavirus is family)
Detection of fetal or neonate IgM is useful for diagnosis of what?Congenital Rubella (Togaviridae RUBIVIRUS)
Deformity of teeth and missing mandibular incisors indicative of what viral condition in the pastCongenital Rubella


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genome of Reno virusesds RNA
Reno virus Virion transcriptase associated with viral particle... this means its in genome is _____ sensenegative sense
Orbivirus and Coltivirus are Renoviridae that cause what "disease"Colorado Tick Fever
Reovirus virus that causes diarrhea (problem around the world)Rotovirus
leading cause of severe diarrhea among infants and young children in the United States before its vaccine was introduced in 2006Rotavirus


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genome of calcifivirusesss RNA (one piece of it)
Principal calcifivirus human pathogensNorovirus & Norwalk-like viruses
as few as ____ viral particles may be sufficient for Norovirus infection10


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Three important Picornaviruses to humansEnteroviruses, Rhinoviruses & Hepatitis A Virus
are Picornaviruses enveloped?No
picornavirus replication happens where in the cell?Cytoplasm
3 types of Enteroviruses (which are picornaviruses)Poliovirus, Coxsackievirus & Echovirus
What virus is foot and mouth disease?Coxsackie virus
These Picornviruses are ingested and infect cells of GI tractEnteroviruses (Poliovirus, Coxsackievirus & Echovirus)
Polioviruses invade what types of tissue to reach blood stream?Lymphatic (peyer's patches and tonsils)
Picornavirus that produces only local infectionsRhinovirus (common cold)
T/F: Hepatitis A can cause chronic liver diseaseFALSE
T/F: Hepatitis A does NOT cause chronic liver diseaseTRUE
what Ig is important for rhinovirus infections?secretory IgA
Vaccines are available for what enteroviruses or rhinoviruses?Polio & HepA


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T/F: there is only one serotype for which toga virus?Rubivirus (rubella)
Unlike other Togaviruses, ______ is not Arthropod borneRubivirus (rubella)
What family of virus causes rubella?Togavirus (Rubivirus is genus)
Rubivirus, enveloped?Yes
genome of rubivirusss RNA
Rubivirus multiplies where?cells of respiratory system
Detection of fetal or neonate IgM is useful for diagnosis of what?Congenital Rubella
what toga virus is mosquito borne?Alpha virus
what toga virus is associated with cephalitis and arthritis?Alpha virus


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Multiplication of Orthomyxoviridae is sensitive to ____ & ____Amantadine and Actinomycin D
All Orthomyxoviruses are _____ virusesInfluenza
Which subtypes of Orthomyxoviridae can infect humans? which can also infect birds and mammals? Humans and swine only?A,B, & C; A only; C only
influenza A virus subtypes which infect HumanH1N1, H1N2, and H3N2
Envelope glycoprotein Required for viral attachment to neuraminic acid receptors on susceptible cellsHemagglutinin ( H antigen)
Envelope glycoprotein that Agglutinates erythrocytes in vitroHemagglutinin (H antigen)
Envelope glycoprotein that Facilitates release of newly formed virus particles from cellNeuraminidase (N antigen)
Envelope glycoprotein that Removes neuraminic acid from cell and permits dissemination of virusesNeuraminidase (N antigen)
T/F: Avian Influenza in asia had no sustained person to person transmissionTrue
T/F: Avian influenza in asia was easily transmitted from person to personFalse
Antigenic shift occurs every _________ to ___ yrs8-10
which is minor changes Antigenic shift or drift?drift
which is major changes of H and or N antigen? ... shift or drift?Shift
Mutation rate highest for what Influenza type? Lowest for what type?A; C
Most meaningful influenza mutations occur in ____ proteinHA1 (antigenic drift)
Antigenic SHIFT only occurs in what influenza subtype?Type A
T/F: Influenza causes feverTRUE (orthomyxovirus)
T/F: common cold causes feverFalse (rhinovirus)
2 treatments given for Influenza (orthomyxovirus)Amantidine hydrochloride & Rimantadine
T/F: dental caregivers can return to work as soon as their influenza induced fever goes awayFALSE (wait 24 hours after)
T/F: Personnel who develop fever and respiratory symptoms should promptly notify their supervisor and should not report to workTrue
T/F: Personnel who develop fever and respiratory symptoms can still safely work until they develop a feverFalse (must stay home)
Whole virus vaccine is contraindicated for people allergic to _____EGG

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