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DNA viruses

Question Answer
what virus type Does NOT require any of cell’s nuclear enzymes for transcription, replication of its DNA?Pox viruses
what DNA virus is double enveloped?DNA virus
What virus is being utilized for a vector to deliver antigenic proteins of other pathogens (such as avian flu)Adenovirus
Vaccinia virus inocculation is the immunization for what virus family?small Pox viruses
what DNA virus enters the cell utilizing CAR receptor?Adenovirus
what DNA virus enters cell utilizing Glycoprotein C?HSV

Papilloma viruses

Question Answer
T/F: Warts are caused by DNA virusesTrue (HPV is DNA virus)
T/F: Warts are caused by RNA virusesFalse (HPV is DNA virus)
HPV viruses are very selective; they only infect the ____ cellsBasal cells
Are papilloma viruses enveloped or no?No
What is the morphology of papilloma viruses?Icosahedral
are papilloma virus particles relatively large or small?small (55 nm)
The genome of papilloma viruses is _____dsDNA
Tropism of Papilloma virusesSquamos epithelial cells (basal cells)
How do papilloma viruses enter the cell?receptor-mediated endocytosis
Papilloma virus: Vegetative DNA replication occurs in more or less differentiated cells?More differentiated
Papilloma virus vision assembly happens in what cell layer of squamos epithelia?Upper Spinous layer
Papilloma virus mature visions are found in what cell layer of squamos epithelia?Granular layers
What is the incubation time for HPV?1-3 months
What age group has highest rates of HPV?20-24 yo
What are the most lethal "types" (numbers) of HPV?16 & 18
Cervical dysplasia is associated with what two types of HPV?16 & 18
All mucosal tissues are susceptible to what types of HPV?6 & 11
T/F: Most sexually active people will acquire HPV within lifetimeTrue
T/F: people with subclinical genital warts can pass it on to othersTrue
Two oncogenes associated with HPV 16 & 18E6 and E7
E6 & E7of HPV 16 and 18 interfere with what tumor suppressor genes respectivelyp53 and p105RB
Merck’s Gardasil® quadrivalent HPV vaccine treats what types of HPV?16, 18, 6 & 11 (mucosal)
T/F: HPV vaccine is ineffective against existing infectionsTrue
Cervarix® (GlaxoSmithKline) HPV vaccine is effective against what types of HPV?16 & 18 only


Question Answer
virus that lives in water and gives red eyes (associate with swimmers?)Adenovirus
what receptor do adenoviruses use to enter cell?CAR (coxsackie & adenovirus receptor)
Where in the cell does adenovirus replication occur?In the Nucleus
What virus is being utilized for a vector to deliver antigenic proteins of other pathogens (such as avian flu)Adenovirus
adenovirus, enveloped or no?No

pox viruses

Question Answer
pox viruses, enveloped?Yes (DOUBLE ENVELOPE***)
pox virus replication occurs where?Cytoplasm (in CELL FACTORIES***)
what virus is the immunization for small pox?Vaccinia virus

herpes simplex viruses

Question Answer
are HSV enveloped?yes!
where does HSV replicate in cell?nucleus
Which is fast growing, Alpha herpes or beta herpes?Alpha
Which is slow growing, alpha herpes or beta herpes?beta
HSV bind to what to enter cells?Glycoprotein C
What is an example of a Gamma Herpes virus?Epstein-Barr
HSV type associated with herpes labials?HSV1 (note that it does not only affect lips and mouth)
HSV type associated with genital herpes?HSV2 (note that it does not only affect genitalia)
Dr. Hsu made a herpes treatment that is different because it has what two things?Catechins & Egcg's