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Mycotic disease

Question Answer
condition in which fungi pass the resistance barriers of the human or animal body and establish infectionsMycosis
can superficial mycoses invade living tissue?No
Superficial mycoses are caused by fungi called _______Dermatophytes
3 Examples of opportunistic mycoses include Candidiasis, Cryptococcosis and Aspergillosis
most common mycosis by candida species is caused by Candida _____Albicans
______ is known for fungal dimorphismCandida
Lab diagnosis of candidiasis is done by adding _____ and looking for ____ or yeastKOH; hyphae
A fungus ball in the lungs may cause no symptoms and may be discovered only with a chest x-ray is associated with what mycotic disease?Aspergillosis
With the Exception of Candida ______, all Candida produce pseudo and true hyphae.Glabrata
Candida ______ form GERM TUBES and chlamydoconidiaAlbicans
Infections of patients with immune deficiencies who would otherwise not be infected are called ______ infectionsopportunitic
Mycotic disease with Blotchy discoloration of skin which may itch. Up to 25% of general population may have this lesion at any one timeTinea versicolor
Most common superficial MycosisTinea versicolor
_____ means "ringworm“ Refers to a variety of lesions of the skin or scalpTinea
athlete's foot is akaTinea pedis
fungal infection of the toenails caused by dermatophytes is akaTine unguium
small superficial mycotic lesions occurring anywhere on the bodyTinea corporis
superficial myctotic Infection of head, frequently found in childrenTinea capitis
superficial mycotic Infection of groin, perineum or perianal area (aka jock itch)Tinea Cruris
superficial mycotic Infection of bearded areas of the face and neckTinea barbae
T/F: Most candidial infections result in minimal complications such as redness, itching and discomfort, though complicationTRUE
when candidiasis becomes systemic it is called _____Candidemia
mycotic pathogen typically responsible for yeast infection of vaginaCandida (candidiasis)
what 2 medical treatments can create candidiasis?antibiotics & corticosteroids
Creamy white or yellowish curd-like plaques on any oral mucosal surface that CAN be wiped offPseudomembranous Candidiasis (Thrush)
Mycotic infections --> Larger areas of white or discolored or coalesced plaques that cannot be wiped offHyperplastic Candidiasis
mycotic White lesion, usually present on lateral borders of tongue, non removeable, with Vertically corrugated hyperkeratotic patchesOral Candidal Leukoplakia
Oral Candidal Leukoplakia is most commonly found where?Lateral borders of Tongue
Drugs used to treat SYSTEMIC candidiasisFluconazole (Diflucan) & Intraconazole
Geotrichosis is Caused by _______ _______Gotrichum candidum
Pulmonary Geotrichosis resembles what disease?Tuberculosis
Cryptococcosis is caused by what pathogen?Cryptococcus. neoformans
Most infections with Cryptococcosis neoformans consist of a ____ infectionLung
Fungal meningitis, especially as a secondary infection for AIDS patients is associated with what pathogenCryptococcus neoformans
Mycotic infection commonly contracted from older pigeonsCryptococcosis (C. neoformans)
The ____ ____ stain is used for easy visualization of the capsule of Cryptococcus neoformansIndia Ink
Cryptococcosis that does not affect the central nervous system can be treated with _____ alonefluconazole
Cryptococcal meningitis should be treated for two weeks with intravenous ______ and oral _______.Amphotericin B & Flucytosine
leading cause of death in acute leukemia and hematopoietic stem cell transplantationAspergillosis
T/F: Most humans inhale aspergillus spores every dayTRUE (but exhale or easily dealt with by competent immune system)
In hematologic patients with invasive aspergillosis, the ______ immunoassay can make the diagnosis in a noninvasive wayGalactomannan
T/F: Combination therapy of 5 different drugs is necessary to treat AspergillosisTrue
Mucormycosis Caused by the order ____Mucorales
Sporangiophores are upright hyphae that support sac-like sporangia filled with asexual sporangiospores.. these are associated with what order? what disease?Mucorales; Mucormycosis
Histoplasmosis is caused by the pathogen ______ ______Histoplasma capsulatum
Mycotic disease that is captured in immune cells and transported to lymph nodes where they proliferateHistoplasmosis
N.A Blastomycosis Caused by the organism _____ ______Blastomyces dermatitidis

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