Microbio history II

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Section 1

Question Answer
HookeMade scientist aware of microscope
Van Leeuwenhoek Perfected microscope; animalcules—the microscopic animals
Doctrine Spontaneous generation—lifeless substance give rise to living creatures
RediDispute spontaneous generations
MiasmsMiasms theroy infectious disease caused by Miasms
Semmelwels Wash hands could prevent diseases
SnowProved cholera outbreak due to contaminated water
Pasteur Germ theory of disease—bacteria cause disease and defeat the spontaneous generation; developed attenuated bacteria for vaccines
ListerUse of antiseptics

Section 2

Question Answer
KochDefinitive verification of germ theory of disease; Koch;s postulate; developed culture in on solid media
Koch’s postulate 1. Microorganisms are isolate from dead animals 2. Microorganisms are grown in pure culture3. Microorganisms are identified4. Microorganisms are injected to healthy animals5. Disease is reproduced in second animal 5. Microorganisms are isolated again 6. Microorganism grown in pure culture and identical microorganisms are identified