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causes of pneumonia in neonates (less than 4 wks)GBS, E. coli
causes of pneumonia in children (4 wks to 18 yo)RSV, Mycoplasma, C. trachomatis, C. pneumoniae, S. pneumoniae
causes of pneumonia in adultsmycoplasma, C. pneumoniae, S. pneumoniae
causes of pneumonia in older adultsS. pnumo, H. flu, anaerobes, viruses, mycoplasma
causes of pneumonia in elderlyS. pneumo, influenza, anaerobes, H. flue, g - rods
causes of meningitis in newborn (0-6mo)GBS, E. coli, Listeria
causes of meningitis in children (6mo - 6yrs)S. pneumo, N. meningitidis, H. flu type B, enterovirus
causes of meningitis in 6 - 60 yoS. pneumo, N. meningitidis, enterovirus, HSV
causes of meningitis in elderlyS. pneumo, G - rods, Listeria
viral causes of meningitisenteroviruses (esp coxsackie), HSV2, HIV, west nile, VZV
meningitis in HIVcryptococcus spp
CSF findings in bacterial meningitisincreased opening pressure, increased PMNs, increased protein, decreased sugar
CSF findings in fungal/TB meningitisincreased opening pressure, increased lymphocytes, increased protein, decreased sugar
CSF findings in viral meningitisnormal to increased opening pressure, increased lymphocytes, normal to increased protein, normal sugar
brain abscessesSterp viridans, Staph aureus, toxoplasma reactivation in AIDS

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thin white dischargebacterial vaginosis (gardnerella)
fishy odorbacterial vaginosis (gardnerella)
clue cellsbacterial vaginosis (gardnerella)
lab findings are pH > 4.5gardnerella and trichomonas
strawberry cervixtrichomonas
green, foul smelling dischargetrichomonas
cottage cheese dischargecandida
occurs with normal pHcandida
causes vaginal inflammationtrichomonas, candida, not gardnerella
TORCHES infectionsToxoplasma gondii, Rubella, CMV, HIV, HSV2, Syphilis but also GBS, E. coli, Listeria, Parvovirus B19