Micro Lab Terminology

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aseptic techniquesavoiding contamination by unwanted organism
inoculationintroduction of microbes into culture/medium/host
inoculummaterial that is transferred
incubationperiod of time that inoculum is placed in a favorable condition so microbes will grow
incubatorsinstruments that maintain constant temp for microbes
growthwhen referring to viruses, bacteria, molds, and yeasts: means an increase in number of organisms in population, not in size
growth (culture) mediumsubstance containing nutrients to promote microbial growth, plural is media
brothany liquid growth medium
agar | definition and how it's madesolid growth medium, contains variety of nutrients, gelatin like substance comes from red algae, powder that is boiled to dissolve and then hardens around 45 C
what does an agar deep look like?microbes harden in a straight line on top of broth
agar slantmicrobes harden at an angle in test tube
colony clump of cells growing on solid media, must have form and outline
mixed colonymore than one type of microbe growing in colony
pure colonysame type of micobe but in seperate clumps
isolated colonyseperate clump of cells growing on solid media
confluent growthno distinct isolated colonies on visible solid medium, growth merged together
streak plateagar plate that has been inoculated in a particular pattern to get pure colonies
turbiditycloudy appearance in broth which usually indicated microbial growth/contamination
culture (verb)to grow or cultivate microbes
culture (noun)concentrated collection of microbe growth
mixed culturetwo or more kinds of microbes growing
pure cultureonly one kind of microbe growing
subculture transfer of microbes from one medium to another to keep them growing and viable

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