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Mechanism of action of Streptococcus agalactiae inhibits phagocytosis
Cause of an immunodeficiency with a high IgMefect in isotype switching
Cyclosporine necessary in identical twin transplant-whyhere is still some difference in WIC sites from crossover of chromosomes during meiosis
Major drift with influenza: ajor changes in the reassortment of genome pieces indicating a need for a new vaccine; only protects against influenza A; egg based vaccine; killed virus vaccine
Receptor for HIVCD4 molecule on helper T cells (also macrophages, dendritic cells)
Tetany at birthiGeorge syndrome, a pure T cell deficiency due to absence of the third and fourth pharyngeal pouches (3rd inferior parathyroids + thymus; 4th superior parathyroicis); absent thymic shadow(tetancy-condition marked by intermittent muscular spasms, caused by malfunction of the parathyroid glands and a consequent deficiency of calcium)
Graft versus host reactionmmon in T cell deficiencies; must irradiate the donor blood to destroy lymphocytes (also destroys CMV)
CD common to both B and T cellsD45 is present in all leukocytes
Hanta virusarried in rodents (deer mice); ARDS, hemorrhage, renal failure; viral RNA in lung tissue (PCR test)
Destroy C diffictle in bedpanautoclave
Blastomycosisspores associated with beaver dams and inland water ways
Impetigo causemore commonly caused by S. aureus than group A streptococcus