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Question Answer
Contact lens solution infectionAcanthamoeba
Filiariasis Causant
Freshwater lake infection
Lactose formersCEEK
Non lactose formersSHYPS
May lack colorThese rascals may microscopically lack color
have capsulesSome killers have pretty nice capsules
Dimorphic Fungican also have both shapes
have beta prophageOBED
spore forming bacteriabacillus, botulinum, difficile, perfringens, tetani, burnetii
IgA proteasesS. pneumoniae H.influenzae type B Neisseria (SHiN)
widal testSalmonella
Waysonís StainYersinia
Pneumonic Plaque TransmissionPerson to person cf w/ Bubonic plaque that was via infected flea
Vincentís trench mouthS. viridans
Obligate AerobesPseudomonas & Mycobacterium
Obligate AnaerobesClostridium, Actinomyces, Bacteroides
SpirochetesTreponema, Borrelia, Leptospira(BLT)
Non Motile Gram (+) RodsCorenybacterium D & Nocardia
non motile gram -shigella
Pigment Producing Bacteria redserratia
Acid Fast OrganismsMycobacterium; Cryptosporidium; Nocardia (partially); Legionella micdadei; Isospora
Pigment Producing Bacteria blue/greenpseudomonas
Pigment Producing Bacteria yellows. aureus
Pigment Producing Bacteria yellow/orangemycobacteria
Pigment Producing Bacteria black/graycorneybacterium
Pigment Producing Bacteria greenE. coli
Negri bodiesrabies
Guarnieripox virus
Owlís eyes CMV
Cowdry bodies HSV
Sabrandsfungal media
No cell wall. Membrane has cholesterol. Smallest living bacteria.Mycoplasma
Fried egg coloniesMycoplasma
Atypical pneumonia ñ young adultsMycoplasma
P1 protein inhs ciliary actionMycoplasma
Leion can resemble Kaposiís sarcoma.Bartonella henselae.
Lowenstein-Jensen mediumM. tuberculosis ID
Bordet Gengou AgarBordetella pertusis ID
Undulant Feverbrucella
Cat BitesPasteurella multocida
↑ risk of P. aeroginosa infectionBurn patients & Cystic fibrosis
Helicobacter TxtBismuth salts; Metronidazole; Tetracycline (or amoxicillin)
Raw seafood intoxicaitonVibrio parahemolyticus
Rice H2O Diarrheavibrio Cholera: metabolic acidosis
The Aís of Klebsiellaalcoholics, aspiration pneumonia, abscesses in lungs
E. Coli Capsular Ag related withneonateal meningitis
DOC for N. gonorrhoeaeCeftriazone
Thayer Martin AgarNeisseria ID
Floppy Baby Syndromeinfant botulinum
Pre formed toxin in honeyinfant botulinum
Bad canned foods have neurotoxin = flaccid paralysis (block Ach release)Clostridium Botulinum
Spastic Paralysis toxinClostridium Tetani toxin
lancet shaped diplococciPneumococci
kidney bean shaped diplococcineisseria(hand cuffs)
coma shapedcamptobacter, vibrio
safety pin shaped bacteriayersinia
club shaped (nonmotile, G+Rod)Corneybacterium D
pink eyeadenovirus
Interferon MOAInhibits viral replication (translation or transcription)
Acute Hemorrhagic ConjunctivitisSeen w/ infections from Enterovirus & Coxsackie A
Parainfluenza CausesCroup (Laryngotracheobronchitis)
Swimming Pool Conjunctivitisadenovirus
RSVbronchiolitis in infants
Fifth Diseaseparovirus
erythronium rashparovirus
parovirus linked with sickle cell anemia
Removed tonsils, find what virus In 80%, Adenovirus. In the immunosuppressed, activation can occur
Bone FeverDengue: Group B Togavirus, from the Arbovirus, transmitted by mosquitos
Necrotizing FasciitisGroup A Streptococci
Relapsing FeverBorrelia recurrentis
Lofflerís Medium Corneybacterium diphtheriae
Listeria contaminatesMilk, cheese, vegetables (coleslaw) in recent infections
Filamentous Bacteria Actinomycetes = Nocardia; Actinomyces; Streptomyces
Thrush TxtNystatin txts candidiasis of the mouth
Freshwater lake infectionCauses amebic meningoencephalitis due to Naegleria fowleri
Reduviid bug biteTransmits Trypanoma cruzi (Chagasí disease): Romanaís Sign
Schistosoma Haematobium causesBladder calcificaiton & cancer
Schistosoma Mansoni causesPresinusoidal HTN, splenomagaly, esophageal varices
Snail, intermediate host ofSchistosomiasis
Ixodes scapularis transmitsBabesia (clinically rembles malaria) & Borelia burgdorferi
Nantucket ProtozoaBabesia microt
Infection by Reduviid BugTrypansoma cruzi: Chagasí Disease
Infection by TseTse FlyTrypansoma brucei gambiense & rhodiense: African Sleeping Sickness
Infection by SandflyLeishmaniasis
Infection by Ixodes TickBabesia microti: Babesiosis & Borrelia burgdorferi: Lyme Disease
Infection by Anopheles MosquitoMalaria
Trophozoites w/ ìFace-Likeî AppearanceGiardia lamblia
Histoplasmosis Geography Ohio, Mississippi, Misouri River valleys
Coocidioidomycosis GeographySouthwestern deserts, California
Blastomycosis GeographyStates east of Mississippi River
Paracoccidioidomycosis Geographylatin america
Roseola Infection, akaExanthema Subitum: Sixth Diseaseî (Human Herpes Virus-6 dsDNA, enveloped)
Obligate parasite. Kills type I pneumo cells. Ground glassPNEUMOCYSTIS PNEUMONIA
Gram (-) Bugs w/ ExotoxinsE. Coli; V. Cholera; Bordetella Pertussis
Pneumonia in alcoholics.Sporothrix Schenkii
Hypahe in wild.Sporothrix Schenkii, Blastomycosis
Potas iodide in milk.Sporothrix Schenkii
Hemorrhagic PericarditisAssociated w/ TB or neoplasm
PMLís infectious agentJC Virus (Papovavirus = dsDNA, naked icosahedral capsid)
Cold agglutininsSeen in atypical pneumonia
Measles 3CCough, Coryza, Conjunctivitis. Can also have photophobia
Non Motile Bacilli & ClostridiumB. Anthracis & C. Perfringens
Bloody diarrhea agentsEIEC- EHEC -Shigella - Yersenia enterocolitica -Entaemeba histolytica -Salmonella -Campylobacter jejuni
Indian InkCryptococcus neoformans
Naegleria causesColonization in the nasal passages after swimming
Ecthyma Gangrenosum, seen w/Pseudomonas aeroginosa. Target shaped skin lesions w/ a black center and red ring surrounding the lesion
Endospores G(+)Gram (+): Bacillus & Clostridium ñ made up of dipicolinate & Keratin
Multi Brain AbscessNocardia
Single Brain AbscessActinomyces israelli
↑ risk for Strep pneum InfectionAsplenic; Sickle cell anemia; immunocompromising illness
α Hemolysis/Optochin SensitiveStrep. Pneumoniae
α Hemolysis/Optochin ResistantStrep. Viridans (Subacute Endocarditis)
Bacillus Anthracis 3 toxinsProtective Antigen (PA), Lethal Factor(lethal to macrophages) Edema Factor(incr CAMP)
Woolsorterís Disease DOCBacillus anthracis. DOC Penicillin
Double Zone β Hemolysis (test)perfringens
Lecithinase α toxin = lyses RBCs, in perfringens
Pseudomembranous colitisclostridium difficile
Vesicular ñ contact w/ bad waterSchistosoma Haematolium
Intestinal ñ contact w/ bad waterSchistosoma Japonicum Monsoni
Chinese liver fluke and eating raw fish.Clonorchichis
Clonorchichis txPraziquantel
Fasciola HepaticaSheep ñ eating raw fish.
Fasciola BiskiGiant intestinal flukes ñ eating raw fish. Txt: Praziquantel
Paragonimus WestermaniLung fluke ñ eating raw fish.
Oxidase (+)
Question Answer
Micro AerophilicCamphylobacter & Helicobacter
Urease (+)
Obligate Intracellular BacteriaChlamydia, Mycobacterium Leprae, all Rickettsia except Roachalimea
Paracoccidioidomycosis GeographyLatin America
HerpanginaìHand-Foot-and-Mouthî Disease, Coxsackie A (Picornavirus +ssRNA)
Influenza A & Borthomyxovirus
encapsulated bacteriastrep pneumoniae, haemophilus influenzae, neisseria meningitidis, klebsilla
contains a shorter version of LPS called lip-oligosaccharideneisseria
obligate intracellular pathogens(can't generate their own ATP)chlamydia, rickettsia
facultative intracellular: salmonella, shigella, brucella, mycobacterium, listeria, francisella, legionella, yersinia
Question Answer
toxins that inhibit protein synthesisdiphtheria toxin, exotoxin A of P. aeruginosa, shiga toxin of S. dysenteriae, and E. coli
spastic paralysistetanus toxin
bacteria stain what color with acid fast stainred
Rheumatic fever followsuntreated strep pharyngitis NOT strep skin or soft tissue infection
centrifugal rash vs centripetal rashcentrifugal rash spread outward from chest to extremities, centripetal rash spread inward from heads and feet to body
the only organism with a polypeptide capsuleb. anthracis, all other known capsules are composed of polysaccharides
know that H.influenzae does not cause influenza
Question Answer
H. pylori infection is associated with increased risk ofgastric adenocarcinoma and gastric lymphoma
atypical walking pneumonia can be caused bylegionella, mycoplasma, chlamydia
fungi found in macrophageshistoplasma capsulatum
budding yeast with broad baseblastomyces
only systemic fungus w/ulcerating pimplesblastomyces
branches at 45 degreesaspergillus fumigates
branches at 90 degreesrhizomes mucor
transmission by drinking waterdracunculus
transmission by dog fecestoxocara, echinococcus
transmission by human fecesascaris lumbricoides, enterobius vermicularis, trichuris trattoria
transmission by undercooked porktania solium, trichinella spiralis
transmission by undercooked beeftania saginata
transmission by undercooked seafoodclonorchis saneness, paragonimus westermani, diphyllobathrium datum
naked DNA virusesa woman needs to be naked for a PAP smear Parvovirus, adenovirus, papovavirus
Naked RNA virusesDr. Political Correctness does not approve of nudityDeltavirus, reovirus, picornavirus, calcivirus
RNA viruses that do not divide in the cytoplasmAll rna viruses divide in the cytoplasm..OR not orthomyxo, retro