Micro ch 1 and 10

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rDNARecomninant DNA
rDNA technolorgygenetic engienering
microbial ecologyrelationship between microbes and the environment
biodegenerationusing microbs to help us break down natural human waste products
bioremediationmicrobs to break down toxins created by industries
biofilecommunity, thin slimmy layer
pathogens that go in biofilm are...1000 times more resistant to chimecal agents that we would use to destroy/ eradicate them
emerging infectious diseasdisease that is new or old that is having a sudden rise in cases
cyanobacteriaproducing toxins was origianally thought to be grean and blue algaea
6 type of pathogens from smallest to largestprions - viruses - bacteria - protazoa - fingi - helminths
what 2 pathogens are none livingprions and viruses
what pathogen is gram negativebacteria
list the chatogories of charectoristicsdomain - kingdom - phylum - class - order - family - genus - species
what is nomenclaturethe system of naming ussing genus as first name and species (or special epethet) as second
what are the 3 domainsarchaea - bacteria - eukarya --- a) potazoas b) fungi 3)plantalis 4) animalis
what is phylogenyrelatedness
what are the 3 shapes of microbesrod like - spirily - coccus
what is the wall around viruses called capsid and some have envelopes over that
how do microbes effect our lives1- maintaining earths ecological balance 2 some live in humans and animals and maintain good health 3 microorganisims are used to make food and chemicles 4- some microbes cause disease
what is the golden age od micro1857 - 1914